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  1. C Program To Implement Dictionary Using Hashing

Computer Programming. Wednesday, October 5, 2011. Write a C program to implement all the functions of a dictionary (ADT) using hashing Rejinpaul. 6:55 AM ADS JNTU /. Write a C program to implement all the functions of a dictionary (ADT) using hashing./ #include #include. Implementing own Hash Table with Open Addressing Linear Probing in C. Insert(k) – Keep probing until an empty slot is found. Once an empty slot is found, insert k. Search(k) – Keep probing until slot’s key doesn’t become equal to k or an empty slot is reached. Delete(k) – Delete operation is interesting. Hello Everyone, Lets see how to implement a dictionary using C. The main goal of this code is to show malloc in use - dynamically allocating memory to dat. The full blown dictionary functions (not presented below) provide the code for. The DICTIONARY holds the hash table and the start and end pointers into a double.

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Speed up opencart site using your favourite extension: 20€ 6 days left

I need to speed up opencart site

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I have a problem on sorting on Excel. Is there anyone can help me to solve the problem by using you Excel skills

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I need an existing python script translating into an Atlassian JIRA plugin written in Java using the Atlassian SDK

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Professional label designer required for a toy car box design. 6 days left

Hi There, I am looking for professional label designer who can design a product label for our upcoming product. Design should look very attractive for both younger audience and kits. Fonts and text should be flashy and should attract who looks at the product labels.Label has to be desinged for '6 in 1 Smart Car' which has 6 different functions. Have attached a few pics of the differe...

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Data preprocessing using Python and jypter notebook

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Part time front end (Angular 8) developer required. 6 days left

Hi We are working on an finance ERP project with configuration:Front end: Angular 8 (will be using metronic theme)Back end: java spring bootdatabase: mysqlI am looking for an front end Angular 8 developer who is available to work part time 1-2 hours daily or he may also work 3 hrs on Saturday and Sunday.minimum experience required = 3+ years.The role of developer will be to help us and comp...

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Internal Auditor Required 6 days left

I require a (virtual) internal auditor / internal audit assistant with whom I can work undertaking internal audits.You will be working REMOTELY for me (so you can be located anywhere in the world)My team will be on leave for six months so looking for excellent internal auditors to work with on projects.Your role will be as a member of my team (although this will be via telephone / virtual for...

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PHP, JAVA, HTML, CSS Developer for editing Wordpress Theme 6 days left

Hello,I have a website based on Wordpress and I am looking for a developer that can create for me some features.At first, the Wordpress site is based on this theme: [login to view URL]And this is what I am trying to accomplish: Create a Matchmaking between all users on the site.So, to accomplish this, we'll need:- A member area system- A wallet system: users can top up the personal a...

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Fullstack Web application developers required in Spring Boot 6 days left

Hi,We are a startup based out of India . We need couple of full stack developers in Java spring boot , JPA and angular . Please contact with your profile and your best work using the above technology and what you have implemented in those projects . Do provide the list of libraries in spring you are comfortable with .You should be comfortable with using version control systems like git or bitbuc...

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I need Java expert. 6 days left

I want to run Java project(REST Services) on Tomcat.If you are a Java expert, it will be takes less then hour.My budget is only 100$ for this project.You also good at mvn spring-boot.Please bid if you are good at this project.Thank u.

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I need full time freelancer 5 day a week Good experience in react js and native and java-script knowledge of ruby on rails.Good Salary{ 40K Plus

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Convert psd to html 6 days left

I am looking for someone to convert this psd into html+css+java-script. Please review attached document. There should be animations for different things such as enlarge for hover over pictures and icons and buttons.

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A simple tutorial on IfogSim 6 days left

I need a tutorial to how to implement of a placement policy in IfogSim simulation tool. Tutorial will be only on a simple application scenario that in the attached file (Section 17.6) and the require source codes in the following links.IfogSim:[login to view URL]The simulation source codes of example scenarios and placement policy [login to view URL]

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Custom coding for Woocommerce/Wordpress (Painting option) 6 days left

C Program To Implement Dictionary Using Hashing

We are currently migrating our website to woocommerce and bringing it up to date. We sell metal pipe fittings and tube, and we offer a tube painting (powdercoated) option.We have tried quite a few ways to achieve this, but none are ideal, we know how we would like this to work, but cant implement it. Please read on and respond if you think you can make the below work for us;Backend;1. Abilit...

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Dear Friend,This is a dictionary and it has a teaching feature.Say a brand and draw the first thing that comes to mind.It should be clear, understandable and so basic. For example 'Apple logo'. If as far as the company grows, I promise to pay you more. I believe in the project for now and I have $10.Thanks in advance.

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I need to implement on Stripe the Strong Customer Authentication,the new rule required in Europe from September 14th. 6 days left

I need to implement on Stripe the Strong Customer Authentication ,the new rule required in Europe from September 14th. Php - codeigniter

8 bids

Create a library using C# which will be used by a third-party to calculate an area of different shapes using an array of integers as an input.Requirements:• Supported shapes: Circle (by radius), Triangle (by three sides)• Should be easily expendable to support other shapes without breaking the existing code• Should be covered with unit testsExpecting two parts: the library an...

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Literature Review of Health Information Management System -- 3 6 days left

Literature Review – Health Information Management System (HIMS)(note - 4000-word count, UK English, font 12, Times new roman, free of plagiarism, in 3 to 4 days)Objective should cover1. Introduction to digital health (e-Health) 2. Introduction to Health Information Management System (include definitions)3. Electronic Health records and it uses and important4. Interoperability of HIMS ...

25 bids

HiWe are redeveloping our website and our designer has given a great look to our website. We have PSDs that we want to convert into HTML and implement it on our WordPress website. Should be liquid design so it adjust in mobile and laptop/desktop computers. Thanks

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I need to get a copy of this site https://personligtræ[login to view URL] as we want to move to a new technology that is easy for us to maintain. I will supply images txt is copy/paste from the site.

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Need Hotel Management System with Manual in PHP or JAVA 6 days left

Need Ready-made Source code of Hotel Management System with Manual. Rooms ManagementFood Management in same hotelStaff ManagementShare Demo URL in your BID , willing to pay $50

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calculate working hours in google sheet from IFTTT Data 6 days left

I collect timestamps for when I arrive at work and when I leave work. The purpose is to calculate working hours automatically.The timestamp format is like this example:Raw Data February 05, 2018 at 08:38AM Left locationFebruary 06, 2018 at 08:19AM Arrived at locationFebruary 08, 2018 at 04:34PM Left locationFebruary 09, 2018 at 07:14AM Arrived at locationFebruary 13, 2018 at 07:18AM Arriv...

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System Security (please do NOT contact me if you are gonna ask to release any amount before finishing the project) 6 days left

Objectives:- To apply skills and knowledge acquired throughout the semester in exploiting web application security loopholes and the techniques to fix such loopholes.- To demonstrate the ability to use familiarised platforms, VMs and other attack tools (available in BackTrack or Kali or other open-sourced tools) to test security exploits on web applications and the victim OS.- To gain experienc...

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SAP Business One integration with Service layer 6 days left

Java Spring Boot ProjectLoginMaster Data(Customers/Products)Invoices/paiments/ProductsWith restfull api Create/Update/delete serviceNote: It is important to have someone who has previously integrated with SAP Business One integration with Service layerBecause; I have not SAP Business server for development. I need example project with service layer for learn. [login to view URL]

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Looking for Paid marketer for a NY based adtech company 6 days left

We are looking for a freelancer to help with paid lead generation. As a paid marketer, you will be:-Managing paid ad campaigns across search, display, social and retargeting networks by conducting extensive keyword research, analysis and testing of keyword performance.-Ensuring successful campaigns managing bids and budgets to be able to meet the predefined KPI's.-Optimising campaigns acr...

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prodecoproject 6 days left

Need a PHP developer with knowledge of Java also to develop user interface for large database handlingcustomer will use frontend to add/edit/ susbcribers, allot them based on thier purchase orders,

8 bids
Add colors in HTML while using JSON2HTML library 6 days left

I just need to add colors in one of the fields of the table which I am converting from a json file.Code is in python

C Program To Implement Dictionary Using Hashinger
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Xamarin Mobile Application Proof Of Concept 6 days left

PLEASE ONLY APPLY FOR THIS IF YOU HAVE EXPERIENCE IN THIS AREA, WE ARE ONLY PAYING FIXED PRICES FOR ACTUAL DELIVERY.We are looking to experiment with getting some functionality into IOS / Android via Xamarin, we are looking for no visual styles here just the most Raw proof of concept. We want to see if people have experience in:This needs to be Xamarin only pleaseTCP Connect Port Scan (just ...

19 bids

Im reposting this job as the last one was taken down as i think the moderators got the wrong idea. Im looking for a C# console application proof of concept to write a super secure way of storing passwords with salt and super high / the best hashing algorithm. I will also need to ensure that you can demonstrate the test for this, i.e you can use hashcat or something like that to proove that th...

18 bids
Literature Review of Health Information Management System -- 2 6 days left

Literature Review – Health Information Management System (HIMS)(note - 4000-word count, UK English, font 12, Times new roman, free of plagiarism, in 3 to 4 days)Objective should cover1. Introduction to digital health (e-Health) 2. Introduction to Health Information Management System (include definitions)3. Electronic Health records and it uses and important4. Interoperability of HIMS ...

30 bids
Literature Review of Health Information Management System 6 days left

Literature Review – Health Information Management System (HIMS)1. Introduction to digital health (e-Health) 2. Introduction to Health Information Management System (include definitions)3. Electronic Health records and it uses and important4. Interoperability of HIMS 5. Advantages of an implement of HIMS6. Disadvantages of HIMS7. Outcomes of HIMS8. Uses of HIMS in Primary care9. Imp...

31 bids
Wordpress or similar for sites using CMS and SEO 6 days left

We want to re do our homepage and we will like to use a wordpress that use CMS with Sections:1.- Who we are2.- General List of Products. (from 0 to hundreds of items) Clicking them will send to a SEPARATE page for each item.3. Contact information which let visitor send a message4. List of stores, we could add ourself from none to any quantity of stores. Each of them must have Addres...

69 bids

I have a wordpress site with a parent and child theme. I need for some files in the child-theme/includes folder to override the parent-theme/includes folder. Or to remove functions through the child/[login to view URL] and then insert two pieces of code.1. The google translator button needs to be inserted through the child theme.2. The url at the bottom of the post which is using magic fields c...

39 bids
A technical puzzle that needs to be solved programtically 6 days left

You would need to solve and explain the solution to a puzzle. The solution has to be efficient python,c++ or java can be used to solve it. I also need a written doc on how the algorithm works and what the time complexity of the algo [login to view URL]'s a simple puzzle not too complicated.

3 bids
Create highly interactive pages using Angular, React JS. HTML will be provided by us. 6 days left

Create highly interactive pages using Angular, React JS. HTML will be provided by us.

49 bids
Attendance System using ZKTeco device for face and finger print in C# 6 days left

i have school i need to take attendance for students through ZKTeco Biometric device that support Face and finger print Main wireframes :1- Zk Devices settings form2- Attendance Log (report) form3- face and finger student definition form4- Attendance Rules Formi am loking for a devloper who has experince in the same .

11 bids
Website Template - Fully Responsive and Editable in HTML5 and CSS3 6 days left

I want to create 3 pages fully responsive and editable templates with the HTML, CSS, jquery/Java Script. We want to edit these templates according to our monthly activities.Need to provide minimum 3-4 revisions of the template when we suggest.* Send me only 3 website links to view your skills.** The budget is fixed as mentioned in the project.*** Expert website developer can deliver in 24 h...

12 bids

hello i just install astpp billing system with freeswitch in my debian 9 vps.i need just bit help to understand how the rates and call plan create.. i was using a2billing before but i want to learn this billing system for some project.if you use and have proper idea how to use the astpp then please apply for the job now

1 bids

Create a program to demonstrate Java Multithreading Use Hibernate in a thread-safe manner Create a test plan for your solution

6 bids
Manufacturing, Sales with Accounting System[Readymade] 6 days left

We need a software application with below functions working properly.Manufacturing processInventorySalesHRSalary issueAdvanced Accounting - Account types, balances, double entry... Please apply only if you have an already developed system ready to sell.We need to see a demo first. Application should be programmed with either C# or PHP.It can be a desktop or web application.

7 bids
Browser Emulation Using PhantomJs Cloud (Web crawler Script) 6 days left

Am looking of someone skilled in JSON, JavaScript, PhantomJs, PhantomJs Cloud, Liquid templating and huginn to help me write and work on a scriptPlease Note. I nam not looking for a beginner am looking for someone who have a very good experience and can deliver in time, You don't have much work to do i have a platfrom already installed and also have a PhantomJs Cloud account + they also hav...

8 bids
Stripdown open source 32-bit brower to customize - Paying $100USD 6 days left

I have software that use to run from a CD/DVD and used Firefox browser to view the html/32-bit java. Now that firefox has stop java support, my users have difficult time running. I have it working with 2 open source browser, but I need a stripped down custom browser interface based on one of those 2 and not interfere with their default [login to view URL] the unnecessary code and features. I wou...

6 bids
Make an Apple Mobile app like 'Trust Wallet' 6 days left

Trust Wallet is a open source project : [login to view URL] (9 months old)trust wallet team didn't share the latest version wallet source code but they shared latest source code of all api's and libraries:[login to view URL][login to view URL]I want swift source code of this ios app : [login to view URL] (latest version)how the app works: [login to view URL]pls, reply with the ...

15 bids
Front End development (CSS and HTML specialist) to implement (responsive) our designs. 6 days left

Front end development for an online service marketplace.We're looking for a front end developer (CSS and HTML specialist) to implement our designs (static), interactions + responsive. This project includes the implementation of the whole page, around 30 screens, 10 screens on the public pages (20 in the dashboard or post login), responsive design is very important. Note: the designs are alr...

71 bids
6- Documents management system with workflow C# 6 days left

Estimate the whole project price in your bid, otherwise I'll not hire you 1- create users with privileges , super admin, admin, end user. ( add/edit/remove )2- create departments ( add/remove/edit)3- Users can use different word templates and type the document inside our application 4- users can send documents to other users5- complete log and graphic interface for the workflow 6- User...

20 bids
Looking for part time java developer in springboot rest apis. 6 days left

Hello,I am looking for part time java spring boot developer who can develop rest apis and strong in other stuff like jpa, hibernate, java8, database, strong analytical to understand project by own. Minimum 5+ years of experience in java fullstack required. This VM remote screen sharing work, so timings to work must be from 6 am to 10 am IST, daily 3-4 hours a days including saterday.This is f...

10 bids
One-to-one chat using XMPP for PhP website (Wordpress) 6 days left

The work needs to be done using Teamviewer or Anydesk on our computer. Our website is a PhP website. The website is a website where clients can hire each other. The users need to be able to chat with each other real time. We need to enable1. private chat between users: client can chat with freelancers privately. The chat system should be based on XMPP, e.g. MongooseIM.You need to use [lo...

19 bids

I am trying to develop a java program with optaplanner. Message me if you are interested

9 bids
upgrade spring jars for weblogic 12C from 11G -- 2 6 days left

I updated my project from java 7 to 8. It built fine but when I deployed those changes in weblogic 12 C , it is giving run time errors. Need to update my spring jars to be compatible with java 8 and 12C

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Program using OptaPlanner 6 days left

I would like to build a program that use OptaPlanner. Message me for further details

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