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Backwards hat. I see a lot of questions on here about serial numbers, 'what year is my Kitty', etc. Some answers have helped me, but not fully. I'm 37, and I still have my Kitty that I got when I was 5 (Christmas 1974). I knew it was an early model, but now I'm trying to figure out how early it is. The serial number is KC300006,. There a few organizations, such as Indian River Sports Center and VinFreeCheck,that offer free VIN decoding services for Arctic Cat snowmobiles. Alternatively, the VIN number on an Arctic Cat snowmobile can be manually decoded using an appropriate VIN card, which might be available at the nearest dealership. Vin or serial # location. This is a discussion on Vin or serial # location within the Arctic Cat forums, part of the Brand Specific Snowmobile Discussion category; I have a 98 zr 600 and i can't find the vin number anywhere, i was told i was on the tunnel bay the right. Home Forum Brand Specific.

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Serial Number Arctic Cat Snowmobile


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