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Question 4: Manual Verification of Metadata. The first byte is the ms part of the time, so for simplicity focus on the two bytes starting at offset 14 (which relates to hours, minutes, and seconds). For example, if the 2 native bytes at offset 14 were: 0x9140 Big endian is 0x4091. In Binary this is 010001. Top Secret Files: The Wild West: Secrets, Strange Tales, and Hidden Facts about the Wild West. Bandits, lawmen, six shooters, bank robberies, and cowboys were all a part of the Wild West. But so were camels, buried treasure, and gun-slinging dentists. Dive into strange tales like the mysterious Cave of Gold, filled with ancient skeletons. Gemma Files, Hexslinger, vol. 1: A Book of Tongues (ChiZine Publications, 2010) I had somehow gotten it into my head (and onto my spreadsheet) that A Book of Tongues was Gemma Files' first young adult novel. That particular misconception lasted exactly three pages into this bloody, profane, ugly, violent, utterly enchanting western.

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So I'm not one to cheat in games, but the idea of having Wolf Link as my best buddy in Breath of the Wild was just TOO exciting. However, as many of you know he only has three hearts unless you finish the Cave of Shadows in Twilight Princess with more and then save that to the Amiibo.

I really didn't want to spend $60 on a game I knew I was only going to play to this point, especially RIGHT before the Switch and Breath of the Wild come out, but I still wanted Wolf Link to be able to fight along side me throughout my whole journey in the future.

I've been looking up if there was any way to edit the .bin files, or saved files, on an Amiibo and it's surprisingly easy! I'll share with you guys how I did it for less than $30; half the price of buying the game/amiibo combo of Twilight Princess.

So first I had to go buy an Action Replay Amiibo PowerSaves device. You can find these at most Gamestops in store, but check and see if your local store has it in stock. This will run you $15 and both of my Gamestops had them, so you should be able to pick one up before Friday!

I had to plug and unplug the device a few times to get my computer to properly download the drivers for it, but eventually it worked and was recognized. Had to try five or so times, but it should eventually work.

After that you can make the choice if you want to use the included Power Tag that comes with the Action Replay or if you'd rather buy the Wolf Link Amiibo itself and use that. If you use the Power Tag then you won't have to spend any more money, but it just doesn't feel as good to me to use a little disk instead of the actual Wolf Link figure so I got one for $14 with my Gamers Club Unlocked discount at Best Buy.

The Hex Files Secrets Wild Or Free

The next few steps took me a bit to figure out, but it's not too hard once you know where to look.

The program that Code Junkies gives you to use for the Amiibo PowerSaves STINKS unless you just want to back up your Amiibos or apply their limited list of cheats that includes maxing out your Smash Bros stats/etc. However, 20 heart Wolf Link isn't included and isn't even recognized by name in the program.

I instead downloaded the NaMiiO program which allows you to search for .bin files anywhere in your system and install them.

I tried to use the newer version, but there didn't seem to be any files in the ZIP folder to extract and the old version works fine.

Finally after installing that you have to find a .bin file with Wolf Link at 20 hearts. I could only find one, but if you find other ones they should all work the same.

This site has a TON of .bin files so if you need to find any others for other amiibos then they should be here! Just save it wherever, just remember where you put it. If the link goes just to the site in general, just click on Amiibo under Categories, then scroll down to the Zelda games and it should be under Latest New Upload on the right.

After downloading the .bin open the NaMiiO program, plug in your PowerSaves device, put your Wolf Link Amiibo or Power Tag on the NFC reader and it should be noticed by the program. Click 'Restore' in the program and navigate to the folder where you saved the .bin file. It should show up, double click, and it'll give you the confirmation of the Amiibo files being 'restored'.

You can test out to see if the Amiibo or Power Tag still read as Wolf Link in other games such as Animal Crossing or Yoshi's Wooly World. I tested both the tag and the Amiibo itself and they both show up as Wolf Link, but I won't be able to see if the 20 hearts carried over until Friday when I get the game. Cross your fingers!

Even if it doesn't I'm still going to be within the return window for Gamestop, but I'll keep it even if it doesn't work just to back up all my other Amiibos.

Well, I hope this helps anyone who really wants to have 20 heart Wolf Link, but doesn't want to spend $60 and countless hours grinding through the Cave of Shadows. I'm so hyped for BotW and the Switch and I want to save all of my funds for future games and accessories.

The Hex Files Secrets Wild

If anyone has Twilight Princess and can test this out to see if it gives you 20 heart Wolf Link in the game (don't know if that can be tested or if that's how it works?) then that would be great! < 3 Thank you all! I hope this isn't frowned upon, but either way hope I could help someone out!

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I've created a text file from an application that I developed.

When I send the text file to a SYSTEM validation, they (third-party system) say that the file is invalid and that the file contains three characters in the beginning of the file that are not allowed as well special characters are not correct.

They also say I need to use either ISO 8859-1 or PC850. Equilibrium unemployment as a worker discipline device pdf.

Well, I'm using Notepad++, and I can't see that at all! What is the best text file reader for these kind of problems?

I also have a Mac and just thought I remembered opening in TextMate .. WOW!Now I know what they are talking about!

How can I have the same in Windows?

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3 Answers

Well, I'm using NotePad++ and I can't see that at all! What is the best text file reader for this kind of problems?

The problem is, a ‘good’ text editor should be able to load all text encodings transparently — even stupid broken ones like UTF-8-plus-BOM — which would prevent you from seeing the problem. Sure, a good text editor should save UTF-8 without the bogus-BOM, or at least give you the option to do so, but you won't know to re-save it if you don't see the faux-BOM there.

The reason you see the three high-bytes at the start of the file in TextMate is actually because TextMate has got it wrong and guessed the encoding as Latin-1 instead of UTF-8. This presumably reproduces the behaviour of the service you're sending to which don't know about Unicode, but it's not really a desirable feature in itself. It's also why the æ​s and ø​s haven't come out.

If you want to see every byte in the file explicitly, what you want isn't really a text editor, but a hex editor. There are lots to choose from, eg. xvi32 on Windows.

And then fix your application to not produce bogus BOMs; they have no place in a UTF-8 file anyway, never mind the problems it causes to non-Unicode applications. [I don't know what the application is written in, but a common cause of unwanted BOMs is using .NET's Encoding.UTF8 encoding. A new UTF8Encoding(false) would be preferable.]

Whether the service you're sending to wants UTF-8 or some other encoding is in any case something you'll have to ask the operators of that service. If they're already describing the high-bytes for æ et al in your file as inherently ‘invalid’, you may be facing a situation where they don't support any non-ASCII characters at all, in which case you'll have to consider transliterating characters appropriately for the target language, eg. æ->ae.

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An easy way to view this kind of stuff in Windows is to use the 'type' command.

I would do something like this:


Frhed jumps to my is a very nice tool. And as Arjan pointed out, you're saving the file as UTF-8 encoded document.

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