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Spartiti Pianoforte - Quello che le donne non dicono - Fiorella Mannoia.pdf. Author MarcoPaoloni. 23162049 Eros Ramazzotti Spartiti. Author Marcos Meo. Spartiti - Canzoni Napoletane Raccolta Roberto Murolo. Author fggaribaldi6436. Love Songs From the Movies.

Eco di Napoli; 100 celebri canzoni popolari napolitane per canto e pianoforte colla traduzione italiana, raccolte dal maestro Vincenzo de Meglio. URL to cite or link to:. Spartiti fedeli di mie cover al pianoforte: iscriviti alla. Newsletter di. Avrai in regalo. Il prontuario qui sotto!!

Movements/SectionsMov'ts/Sec's1 song
First Publication1849 - Naples: B. Girard & Co., Plate 9640.
Genre CategoriesBarcarolles; Folksongs; Songs; Canzoni; For voice, piano; For voices with keyboard; Scores featuring the voice; Scores featuring the piano; Neapolitan language; Italian language; For male chorus (arr); Scores featuring male chorus; For unaccompanied chorus; For 2 guitars (arr); For 2 players; Scores featuring the guitar; For harp (arr); Scores featuring the harp; For 1 player; For piano (arr)
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Complete Recording
*#318691 - 3.42MB - 4:11 - 0.0/10 (-) - V/C/V - 2802×⇩ - OGG - Sergio De Liso

PerformersEnrico Caruso and orchestra
Publisher Info.Camden, NJ: Victrola, 1916.
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0[tag/del]
Misc. NotesRecorded March 20th, 1916
Canzoni Napoletana Spartiti Piano Forte Pdf TorrentSpartiti chitarra


Sheet Music


Complete Score
*#318686 - 0.91MB, 2 pp. - 0.0/10 (-) - V/V/V- 5817×⇩ - Sergio De Liso

Publisher. Info.Naples: T. Cottrau, n.d.(ca.1872). Plate 16182.
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Complete Score
*#420176 - 0.20MB, 2 pp. - 0.0/10 (-) - !N/!N/!N- 5148×⇩ - Sergio De Liso

EditorSergio De Liso
Publisher. Info.Eco di Napoli, Vol.1 (No.26)
Sergio De Liso, 2014.
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0[tag/del]
Misc. NotesLilyPond typesetting. Includes pronunciation guide.

Arrangements and Transcriptions

For Male Chorus (Kjerulf)
See:Album for Mandssang by Halfdan Kjerulf (No.32)
For Male Chorus (Dal Dosso)

Complete Score
*#546462 - 0.27MB, 2 pp. - 0.0/10 (-) - !N/!N/!N- 151×⇩ - Gian Paolo Dal ...

PDF typeset by arranger
Gian Paolo Dal ... (2018/10/22)

ArrangerGian Paolo Dal Dosso
Publisher. Info.Gian Paolo Dal Dosso
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0[tag/del]
For Flute and Piano (Popp)
See:Kleine Fantasiestücke, Op.230, by Wilhelm Popp (No.3)
For Violin and Piano (Wichtl)
See:Airs populaires, Op.22, by Georg Wichtl (No.11)
For 2 Guitars (Jacobs)

Complete Score
*#450456 - 0.06MB, 1 pp. - 0.0/10 (-) - V/V/V- 29×⇩ - Stefan Apke

Canzoni napoletane spartiti pianoforte pdf torrent free
Publisher. Info.Boston: Walter Jacobs, 1898. Plate 165.
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Complete Score
*#420117 - 0.05MB, 1 pp. - 0.0/10 (-) - !N/!N/!N- 317×⇩ - Stefan Apke

ArrangerRobert Walter Jacobs (1868-1945)
EditorStefan Apke
Publisher. Info.Vlotho: Stefan Apke, 2016
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0[tag/del]
Misc. NotesHigh quality
For Harp (Chatterton)

Complete Score
*#505716 - 0.60MB, 7 pp. - 0.0/10 (-) - V/V/V- 14×⇩ - Zeyarshwe

ArrangerJohn Balsir Chatterton (1804-1871)
Publisher. Info.New York: Browne & Buckwell, n.d.(ca.1850).
Misc. NotesFrom the International Harp Archives at Brigham Young University
(as digitally mirrored at
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For Piano (Croisez)
See:Andantino et rondo-barcarolle sur 'Santa Lucia' by Alexandre Croisez
For Piano (Egghard)
See:6 Transcriptions for Piano, Op.177, by Jules Egghard (No.4)
For Piano (Godowsky)

Complete Score
*#11016 - 0.11MB, 3 pp. - 0.0/10 (-) - V/V/V- 5091×⇩ - Mcroskell

ArrangerLeopold Godowsky (1870-1938)
Publisher. Info.St. Louis: Art Publication Society, 1915. Plate 419.
Misc. NotesThis file is from the MIT archive project.
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For Piano (Lichner)
See:12 Fantasien über beliebte Volkslieder, Op.256, by Heinrich Lichner (Heft I, No.2)
For Piano (Voss)

Complete Score
*#113892 - 0.52MB, 5 pp. - 0.0/10 (-) - V/V/V- 2850×⇩ - Massenetique

ArrangerCharles Voss (1815-1882)
Publisher. Info.Moscow: A. Gutheil, n.d. Plate A. G. N 482.
Misc. NotesAlso in Salon-Album (Band 10, No.2)
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For Piano

Complete Score (EU)
*#564320 - 0.76MB, 4 pp. - 0.0/10 (-) - C/51/C- 71×⇩ - JacopoTore

Spartiti Musicali

Publisher. Info.Milan: S. A. Edizioni Suvini Zerboni, 1955. Plate S. 5154 Z.
Misc. NotesRiduzione facilitata per pianoforte
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General Information

Work TitleSanta Lucia
Alternative. TitleBarcarola Napoletana
ComposerCottrau, Teodoro
I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat. No.ITC 20
KeyB-flat major
Movements/SectionsMov'ts/Sec's1 song
First Publication.1849 - Naples: B. Girard & Co., Plate 9640.
LibrettistAchille de Lauzières or baron Michele Zezza
Italian translation by Enrico Cossovich (1822-1911)
LanguageNeapolitan and Italian
Average DurationAvg. Duration4 minutes
Composer Time PeriodComp. PeriodRomantic
Piece StyleRomantic
Instrumentationvoice, piano
External LinksWikipedia article
Extra LocationsThis very popular piece appears in many collections, including:
  • Eco di Napoli (No.26)
  • Eco del Vesuvio (No.91).
  • Deutsche Weisen (No.282)

Misc. Comments

  • According to the Wikipedia article, this song would only have been notated and arranged by T. Cottrau. Though the article says that citations are needed, 'Various sources credit A. Longo with the music, 1835.' (This is not the composer Alessandro Longo, who was born in 1864.)
  • The 1849 edition has only the Neapolitan lyrics: after translated into Italian this piece was widely much appreciated.
  • 'Santa Lucia' in the title refers to a borough of Naples, close to the sea side. Its name comes from the parish and basilica of Santa Lucia, near Naples.
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