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Fallout 4 tried to get rid of the Karma system altogether and make every faction morally gray, which in some areas succeeded and in others it failed.

I think Fallout 3 DLC The Pitt did the morally gray thing correctly.

Fallout 4 Activation Key

So you get to The Pitt and Wernher is telling you that the slaves should be liberated and raiders are assholes. Seems fair. Everyone doing a neutral/good play through immediately thought about freeing the slaves and killing the raiders.

Fallout 3 The Pitt Activation Key 2017

You go through the DLC, the slaves tell you to kidnap Ashur’s daughter, and get to the part where you talk to Ashur. Then you find out that Ashur’s daughter is some cure for the everyone in the Pitt, raiders and slaves alike, and he said that once the cure is finished he will free the slaves and make the Pitt how it was before the war.

If you choose to side with the Pitt raiders, you go confront Wernher, and he starts acting like a complete dick. He then mentions that the slaves were planning to kill the baby as a form of revenge.

Fallout 3 The Pitt Location

If you choose to side with the slaves, you kill the raiders and bring the baby to the slaves in which they say they’ll take care of it. However, they never tell you they’re going to kill it, so you leave it at that and you go back to Capital Wasteland.

This is honestly the most morally conflicting story in a Fallout game (except maybe Far Harbor). It essentially comes down to siding with the raiders that will make the cure and will free the slaves and make the Pitt better for everyone yet getting away with their atrocities. Or it is siding with the slaves to make the raiders pay for what they have down but killing the last hope the Pitt has.

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