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This is a list of the publications released for the Deadlands: Hell on Earth roleplaying game, which is a continuation of Deadlands: The Weird West, both of which were published by Pinnacle Entertainment Group.[1][2]Hell on Earth was originally published using the same custom rules as The Weird West, and has since been republished as Hell on Earth Reloaded, using the Savage Worlds rules.[3]

Core rulebooks and expansions[edit]

DEADLANDS HELL ON EARTH THE LAST CRUSADERS PDF - Deadlands, Weird West, Wasted West, Hell on Earth, the. Crusades sometime back in the days of knights. With the execution of Jacques De Molay, the last. Hell on Earth differs from the normal Deadlands rules following more closely with the Savage Worlds Deluxe rules set. The Guts skill is gone. Fate Chips are no more. Grit is still used which represents your resistance to the effects of fear. You still need to document your character’s worst nightmare. Everyone is human, more or less.

Hell on EarthCore rulebook; moved the setting up a few hundred years from the original Deadlands[4]1998
Wasted WestExpansion of the core rules and additional setting detail1998


Shattered CoastMaps and information on The Great Maze, updated for the Hell on Earth setting1999
Iron OasisRules and information for Junkyard, the largest free city in the Wasted West, as well as rules for aerial combat1999
DenverRules and information for setting adventures in Denver, including details of new villains The Combine and rules for powered armour2001
City O' SinRules and information for setting adventures in Las Vegas, as well as an adventure2001

Character classes[edit]

BrainburnersExpanded rules for playing Sykers1998
The Last CrusadersExpanded rules for playing Templars1998
Children o' the AtomExpanded rules for playing Doomsayers1998
CyborgsExpanded rules for playing Cyborgs1999
The Junkman ComethExpanded rules for playing Junkers1999
Waste WarriorsExpanded rules for playing Warriors, including new rules for martial arts2000
Spirit WarriorsExpanded rules for playing Toxic Shamans, including updated histories for many Native American tribes2000


Hell or High WaterThe posse must defend the people of Baton Rouge against first a band of pirates and then a terrible horror from the depths of the bayou1998
Something About a SwordThe posse must battle mutants and rad-priests in a race to find a legendary Templar sword lost somewhere in Wyoming1999
Urban RenewalThe posse are tasked with clearing squatters and mutants from an abandoned building in Junkyard, though all is not what it initially appears2000
The Boise HorrorThe posse find themselves involved in the politics of the Templars, at their headquarters in Boise.2000
The UnityThe conclusion of the primary Hell on Earth storyline.[5]:286 This adventure involves a ghost ship named Unity, the secret of the sand worms, a new appearance of Dr Hellstromme and a glimpse of the planet Banshee, the setting of the third gameplay setting, Deadlands: Lost Colony.2002

Dime Novels[edit]

As with Deadlands: The Weird West, these Dime Novels contained a work of short fiction followed by rules for implementing elements from it into an existing game.

LeftoversDime Novel #1, Teller and his companions try to make peace between some townies and mutants. Leftovers won the Origins Awards for Best Game-Related Short Work of 1998.[6]1998
Killer ClownsWasteland wanderer Teller and his companions battle through an abandoned amusement part in order to rescue a set of hostages from a road gang1999
InfestationsA second adventure starring Teller1999


Road WarriorsExpanded rules for vehicle combat as well as detail on various vehicle based organisations such as The Convoy and wheel gangs1998
Toxic TalesNotebook for players to keep notes on their adventures, as well as a set of expanded character sheets1998
Radiation ScreenPackage containing a GM screen and the adventure Apocalypse Now, in which the posse must locate a ghost rock powered nuclear weapon1998
Monsters, Muties 'n' MisfitsA catalogue of monsters and antagonists for use in Wasted West adventures1999

Cardstock Cowboys[edit]

Cardstock Cowboys were a line of 3D stand-up figures that could be used for miniature-based combat in Deadlands games, available in a series of themed packs.

Starter PackA basic set of standups matching the starting archetypes and common enemies of the main game
Horrors of the Weird WestStandups of all monsters from Monsters, Muties 'n' Misfits
Road WarsVehicle standups for use with the Road Warrior expansion
The CombineStandups of the various forces of The Combine, as introduced in the Denver expansion

Deadlands: Hell on Earth d20[edit]

TitleDescriptionPublication Year
Hell on Earth d20adaptation of the original Hell on Earth setting core rulebook for the d20 System ruleset. Requires d20 SRD or Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition for complete rules.2002
Horrors of the Wasted WestCatalogue of monsters and antagonists.2002
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Deadlands: Hell on Earth Reloaded[edit]

TitleDescriptionPublication Year
Hell on Earth ReloadedCore rulebook, containing the complete Savage Worlds ruleset for the Hell on Earth setting. Requires the core Savage Worlds book to play.2012
Hell on Earth Players GuideContains the portions of the core rulebook aimed solely at players, with none of the gamemaster information. Designed as a cheaper product so that players only purchase the information they need.2012
Hell on Earth CompanionContains expanded setting rules for players and game masters, including rules for playing cyborgs, librarians and witches. It also contains an adventure generator and rules for creating survivor settlements.2014
The Worms' TurnA full-length plot campaign for Hell on Earth that takes place after the events of The Unity adventure (which was a Deadlands Classic adventure listed above).2014



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Deadlands: Hell on Earth
Designer(s)Shane Lacy Hensley
Publisher(s)Pinnacle Entertainment Group
Publication date1998
Genre(s)Alternate history, post-apocalyptic, horror, Western, magitech

Deadlands: Hell on Earth is a genre-mixingalternate historyroleplaying game which combines the post-apocalyptic and horror genres. Western tropes and magitech elements are also prominent. It was written by Shane Lacy Hensley and originally published by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. As part of the original marketing campaign in August 1998, the game had a green leatherbound hardcover edition run, limited to about 750 copies.


As the name implies, Deadlands: Hell on Earth is set in the same exact place as the original Deadlands roleplaying game. Specifically, it is set in a post-apocalyptic future of the original 'Weird West' setting of Deadlands, also known as the 'Wasted West.'

Through a series of machinations, the Reckoners from the original Deadlands setting contrive to spark a nuclear war between the United States and the still-existent Confederate States, in which the weapons are not only powered by nuclear fission and nuclear fusion, but are also powered by a supernatural element known as 'Ghost Rock.' The combination of multi-megaton explosives, radiation, and supernatural devastation serves to turn large portions of the United States into hellish wastelands filled with radiation and deadly supernatural monsters.

The formation of these large 'deadlands' allows the Reckoners to enter the realm of Earth, where they are revealed to be the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. They ravage across the globe, destroying civilization and turning most of the Earth into a wasted landscape of nightmares and death. Then they mysteriously vanish.

Thirteen years have passed since the Reckoners appeared, and civilization is once more attempting to assert itself in small, isolated pockets. Players take on the roles of characters struggling to survive the nightmarish wasteland that the Reckoners left behind. A variety of mundane and arcane archetypes are available, including 'Sykers' (characters with deadly psychic powers), 'Doomsayers' (magical priests of radiation), 'Templars' (members of a martial organization patterned after the Knights Templar), 'Junkers' (humans with the supernatural ability to create working devices from the scavenged debris of pre-apocalypse civilization), and even just plain-old everyday humans, surviving by their wits and their gun.

Character types[edit]

In addition to a variety of mundane survivors, would-be law men, ex-road gangers, and general do-gooders that exist in Hell on Earth, there are a number of magically-attuned characters that are playable.

  • Anti-Templar: Anti-Templars have defected from the Templars due to clashing views over the worth of human life. They believe that all people are deserving of help and do not discriminate or test people like the Templars do. The two groups share a similar list of powers, but Anti-Templars have a few tricks of their own. Anti-Templars are detailed in the Last Crusaders sourcebook.
  • Cyborgs: Before the Last War, scientists could not get human Cyborgs to work well due to an inability to perfectly mimic all of the vital organs that people have. Instead, they turned their efforts to making Cyborgs from Harrowed. In addition to cybernetic enhancements and the general abilities that all Harrowed have, some (usually those who were Harrowed before the Cyborg conversion) have access to Harrowed powers. Cyborgs (as well as Harrowed) are detailed in the Cyborgs sourcebook.
  • Doomsayers: Doomsayers are magically gifted people who gain power through worship of 'The Atom.' They believe that mutation is the next step for humanity, and that they are the priests of this new way of life. The original group of Doomsayers, called the Cult of Doom, are now a villain group who try to speed up evolution by killing humans. They are sometimes referred to as 'Green Robes' due to the robes they wear. The Schismatic Doomsayers, who don purple robes, believe that their gifts need to be spread to help the humans. While they still believe that mutation is a sign of the gifted and the way of the future, they do not outright attack humans and are largely seen as good and heroic. With some of the most devastating powers in the game, Doomsayers are one of the more potent arcane backgrounds. Doomsayers are detailed in the Children o' the Atom sourcebook.
  • Junker: Sort of an evolved form of Mad Science and Huckster magic (in particular, the Thaumaturgical Diffusionists, or Metal Mages, whose magic focused on item construction and more scientific theories), Junkers construct amazing devices using scavenged parts and magic rituals. Their powers come from 'Tech Spirits'—spirits of Pre-War technological objects that now reside in a part of the Hunting Grounds. The rules for item creation are far more complex than those of the Mad Scientists, but allow for great variety and uniqueness. Junkers are detailed in The Junkman Cometh sourcebook.
  • Librarians: Magically, Librarians are an evolution of a mundane character concept introduced earlier in the game. The group spreads across America, searching for and preserving knowledge in order to prevent its ultimate loss. As an arcane background, Librarians gain powers based around literature, such being able to emulate traits of famous literary characters. Librarians are detailed as mundane collector/heroes in The Wasted West sourcebook and as an arcane background in the Shattered Coast sourcebook.
  • Martial Artist: Martial Artists are very similar to those from the Weird West. In addition to receiving some rule updates, Sykers are allowed to use Martial Arts powers, as their training was developed from Martial Arts training. Martial Artists are detailed in the Waste Warriors sourcebook.
  • Syker: Sykers, who use powerful psychic abilities, were usually trained for military combat and espionage. While most saw action on Banshee (the location for Deadlands: Lost Colony), many others were stationed on Earth to fight human threats during the Last War. A third group of Sykers called 'Greenies' have discovered their powers since the end of the Last War. While less experienced than Banshee or Earth Sykers, Greenies have the ability to overcharge their powers to make them more potent, at the cost of additional strain and risk. Sykers are detailed in the Brainburners sourcebook.
  • Templar: The Templars were formed to help those in need. However, because the founder of the Templars felt that people need to be willing to help themselves and aid in their fight, he decreed that each Templar must only help those that he deems worthy. The Templars gain magical powers from 'the Saints', great people from the past who lend their strength to those of worth. In addition to Templars, some other heroic characters can use some of the powers Templars get, although not nearly on the same level. Templars are detailed in the Last Crusaders sourcebook.
  • Toxic Shaman: When the Ghost Rock Bombs were dropped, and the world transformed into a toxic wasteland, many of the nature spirits were affected by the mystical corruption. As a result, spirits of pollution and insects suited for this toxic world gained greater power, and the spirits of pure nature were severely weakened. Toxic Shamans channel the mystical energies of these 'Toxic Spirits' in the same way their predecessors, the Shamans, channeled the power of the nature spirits. Toxic Shamans are detailed in the Spirit Warriors sourcebook.
  • Witch: Witches are similar to Hucksters in practice. Witches use an old cookbook (titled 'How to Serve your Man') with encrypted spells in it. They have a limited selection of powers and are minor arcane characters in Hell on Earth. Witches are detailed in the Wasted West sourcebook.

In addition to the new arcane backgrounds found in Hell on Earth, many of the arcane backgrounds from Deadlands still exist. These include Shamans, Hucksters, Voodooists, and Blessed, and are detailed in their respective Deadlands: Weird West sourcebooks.

Current status[edit]

Although Deadlands has officially ended as its own product line, Pinnacle Entertainment Group has re-released all of the 'Classic' Deadlands line in print and in an electronic version.

Deadlands: The Weird West saw an update in 2006 as Deadlands: Reloaded. The Reloaded line updates the setting and brings the rules in line with Pinnacle's current flagship product, Savage Worlds. Hell on Earth: Reloaded was released digitally in July, 2012, with a print version to follow later in the year.


  • Shadis #52 (Oct., 1998)


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