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Competition details
Games played188
Dates22 October 2008 – 3 May 2009
Final positions
5th title
Runners-upCSKA Moscow
Third placeFC Barcelona
Fourth placeOlympiacos
MVPJuan Carlos Navarro
Final Four MVPVassilis Spanoulis
Rising StarNovica Veličković
Best DefenderDimitris Diamantidis
Coach of the YearDuško Vujošević
Statistical leaders
Index RatingD'or Fischer
PointsIgor Rakočević
ReboundsMirsad Türkcan
AssistsTheodoros Papaloukas
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The 2008–09 Euroleague was the 9th season of the professional basketball competition for elite clubs throughout Europe, organised by Euroleague Basketball Company, and it was the 52nd season of the premier competition for European men's clubs overall.The season, which featured 24 teams from 13 different countries, culminated in the 2008–09 Euroleague Final Four at the new O 2 World arena. The 2008–09 Euroleague was the 9th season of the professional basketball competition for elite clubs throughout Europe, organised by Euroleague Basketball Company, and it was the 52nd season of the premier competition for European men's clubs overall.The season, which featured 24 teams from 13 different countries, culminated in the 2008–09 Euroleague Final Four at the new O 2 World arena.

The 2008–09 Euroleague was the 9th season of the professional basketball competition for elite clubs throughout Europe, organised by Euroleague Basketball Company, and it was the 52nd season of the premier competition for European men's clubs overall. The season, which featured 24 teams from 13 different countries, culminated in the 2008–09 Euroleague Final Four at the new O2 World arena in Berlin, Germany.[1] It was won by Panathinaikos, who defeated in the final, the defending champions, CSKA Moscow.

While the general structure of the competition was identical to that used in recent seasons, changes were made to the format for two of its phases, the Regular Season and Quarterfinals.

Top 16 game between Real Madrid and Maccabi Electra
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  • 5Top 16
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Teams of the 2008–09 Euroleague[edit]

Key to colors
Third place
Fourth place
Eliminated in Quarterfinals
Eliminated in Last 16
Eliminated in the regular season
Country (League)TeamsTeams (ranking in 2007-08 national championship)
Spain (ACB)5 [2]Tau Cerámica(1)FC Barcelona(2)DKV Joventut(SF)Unicaja Málaga(SF)Real Madrid(QF)
Italy (Lega A)4Montepaschi Siena(1)Lottomatica Roma(2)Air Avellino(SF)Armani Jeans Milano(SF)
Greece (ESAKE A1)3Panathinaikos(1)Olympiacos(2)Panionios Forthnet(3)
Turkey (TBL)2Fenerbahçe Ülker(1)Efes Pilsen(SF)
France (LNB Pro A)2Nancy(1)Le Mans(SF)
Lithuania (LKL)1Žalgiris(1)
Germany (BBL)1Alba Berlin(1)
Croatia (A1 Liga)1Cibona(SF)
Russia (Superleague A)1CSKA Moscow(1)
Israel (BSL)1Maccabi Electra(2)
Slovenia (SKL)1Union Olimpija(1)
Serbia (KLS)1Partizan(1)
Poland (PLK)1Asseco Prokom Sopot(1)
  • DKV Joventut qualified as ULEB Cup winners.

Team rosters[edit]


Regular Season

The first phase was a regular season, in which the competing teams were drawn into four groups, each containing six teams. Each team played every other team in its group at home and away, resulting in 10 games for each team in the first stage. The top 4 teams in each group advanced to the next round. This was the first year for this particular format; previously, the competing teams were split into three groups of eight teams each, with the top five teams in each group plus the best sixth-place team advancing.

If two or more clubs finished level on won-lost record, tiebreakers were applied in the following order:[3]

  1. Head-to-head record in matches between the tied clubs
  2. Overall point difference in games between the tied clubs
  3. Overall point difference in all group matches
  4. Points scored in all group matches
  5. Sum of quotients of points scored and points allowed in each group match

Games were played from October 22, 2008 to January 15, 2009.[4]

Top 16

The surviving teams were then divided into four groups of four teams each, and again a round-robin system was adopted resulting in 6 games each, with the top 2 teams advancing to the quarterfinals. Tiebreakers are identical to those used in the Regular Season. Games began on January 28 and ended March 12.


In the quarterfinals, the top placed teams from each Top 16 group played second placed teams from a different group in a best-of-five playoff series, with the winners of those series advancing to the Final Four. This was the first season in which the quarterfinals were best-of-five; previously, they had been best-of-three. The quarterfinal matches were played from March 24 until April 9.

Final Four format

The culminating stage of the Euroleague in which the four remaining teams played a semifinal match and the winners of those advance to the final. The losers played in a third-place playoff. The team which was victorious in the Final (Panathinaikos) would be Euroleague champion. The Final Four semifinals were played May 1, with the third-place game and final on May 3.

Regular season[edit]

The regular season began on October 20, 2008 and concluded on January 15, 2009.

Key to colors
Top four places in each group advanced to Top 16

Group A[edit]

1.Unicaja Málaga1082771698+73
3.Maccabi Electra1064815811+4
4.Cibona VIP1055760772-12
5.Air Avellino1037754814-60
6.Le Mans1028747819-72

Group B[edit]

1.FC Barcelona1091813650+163
2.Montepaschi Siena1082835750+85
4.Asseco Prokom Sopot1028675734-59

Group C[edit]

1.Tau Cerámica1082916808+108
2.Lottomatica Roma1064814786+28
3.Fenerbahçe Ülker1064779755+24
4.Alba Berlin1046691748-57
5.DKV Joventut1046800810-10
6.Union Olimpija1028725818-93

Group D[edit]

1.CSKA Moscow1073774644+130
2.Real Madrid1064740707+33
3.Armani Jeans Milano1055734745-11
5.Efes Pilsen1046713762-49
6.Panionios Forthnet1037668790-122

Top 16[edit]

The Top 16 stage was played from January 28 to March 12, 2009.

The draw was conducted on January 19 at Euroleague Basketball Company headquarters in Barcelona. The group winners in the Regular Season were drawn from one pot, the runners-up from one pot, the teams in 3rd place from one pot and those in 4th place from one pot. Teams that played in the same group in the Regular Season could not meet again in the Top 16. Also, teams from the same country could not be drawn into the same pool unless it was necessary to prevent teams from the same Regular Season group from being drawn together.

Key to colors
Top two places in each group advanced to quarterfinals

Group E[edit]

2.Tau Cerámica642556474+82
3.Armani Jeans Milano624455529-74
4.Asseco Prokom Sopot615444502-58

Group F[edit]

1.FC Barcelona651508429+79
2.Real Madrid651505487+18
3.Maccabi Electra624459481-22
4.Alba Berlin606427502-75

*FC Barcelona wins the group over Real Madrid by the head-to-head point differential.

Group G[edit]

3.Unicaja Málaga624484461+23
4.Lottomatica Roma615441525-84

Group H[edit]

1.CSKA Moscow651454377+77
2.Montepaschi Siena642472456+16
3.Cibona VIP624423456-33
4.Fenerbahçe Ülker615384444-60


Team 1 hosted Games 1 and 2, plus Game 5 if necessary. Team 2 hosted Game 3, and Game 4 if necessary.

Team 1Agg.Team 21st leg2nd leg3rd leg4th leg5th leg
Olympiacos3–1Real Madrid88–7979–7363–7178–75
Regal FC Barcelona3–2Tau Cerámica75–8485–6262–6984–6378–62
Panathinaikos3–1Montepaschi Siena90–8579–8472–5391–84
CSKA Moscow3–0Partizan56–4777–5067–56

Final four[edit]

The Final Four was played on May 1 and on May 3. Semifinal games were played on Friday, while the third-place playoff and Final were played on Sunday. The event was hosted at the O2 World in Berlin. It was the first time the event was held in Berlin.

May 1
May 3
Regal FC Barcelona78
CSKA Moscow82
CSKA Moscow71
Third place
Regal FC Barcelona95

Individual statistics[edit]


1.D'or FischerMaccabi Electra1327921.46
2.Terrell McIntyreMontepaschi Siena1937719.84
3.Mirsad TürkcanFenerbahçe Ülker1427119.36


1.Igor RakočevićTau Cerámica2137717.95
2.Terrell McIntyreMontepaschi Siena1932817.26
3.David LoganAsseco Prokom Sopot1525316.87


1.Mirsad TürkcanFenerbahçe Ülker141218.64
2.D'or FischerMaccabi Electra13997.62
3.Ioannis BourousisOlympiacos221627.36


1.Theodoros PapaloukasOlympiacos221145.18
2.Omar CookUnicaja Málaga16825.13
3.Terrell McIntyreMontepaschi Siena19844.42
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Other Stats[edit]

Steals per gameDavid LoganAsseco Prokom Sopot152.67
Blocks per gameFran VázquezFC Barcelona231.74
Turnovers per gameDavid LoganAsseco Prokom Sopot152.93
Fouls drawn per gameSani BečirovićLottomatica Roma136.23
Minutes per gameDavid LoganAsseco Prokom Sopot1534:18
2FG%Luboš BartoňFC Barcelona230.800
3FG%Marco MordenteArmani Jeans Milano120.555
FT%Louis BullockReal Madrid200.953

Game highs[edit]

RatingLior EliyahuMaccabi Electra42
PointsTerrell McIntyreMontepaschi Siena35
ReboundsPat BurkeAsseco Prokom Sopot20
AssistsTheodoros PapaloukasOlympiacos13
Steals7 occasions6
BlocksLoren WoodsŽalgiris7
Turnovers3 occasions8
Fouls DrawnSani BečirovićLottomatica Roma12


Euroleague 2008–09 MVP[edit]

  • Juan Carlos Navarro ( FC Barcelona )

Euroleague 2008–09 Final Four MVP[edit]

  • Vassilis Spanoulis ( Panathinaikos )

All-Euroleague Team 2008–09[edit]

PositionAll-Euroleague First TeamClub TeamAll-Euroleague Second TeamClub Team
Terrell McIntyreMontepaschi SienaTheodoros PapaloukasOlympiacos
Igor RakočevićTau CerámicaRamūnas ŠiškauskasCSKA Moscow
Juan Carlos NavarroFC BarcelonaVassilis SpanoulisPanathinaikos
Ioannis BourousisOlympiacosErazem LorbekCSKA Moscow
Nikola PekovićPanathinaikosTiago SplitterTau Cerámica

Rising Star[edit]

  • Novica Veličković ( Partizan )

Best Defender[edit]

  • Dimitris Diamantidis ( Panathinaikos )

Top Scorer (Alphonso Ford Trophy)[edit]

  • Igor Rakočević ( Tau Cerámica )

Coach of the Year (Alexander Gomelsky Award)[edit]

  • Duško Vujošević ( Partizan )

Club Executive of the Year[edit]

  • Marco Baldi (Alba Berlin)

MVP Weekly[edit]

Regular season[edit]

1Will McDonaldTau Cerámica32
2Pops Mensah-BonsuJoventut Badalona37
3Igor RakočevićTau Cerámica34
4Mike HallArmani Jeans Milano28
5Edu Hernandez-SonsecaJoventut Badalona38
6Lior EliyahuMaccabi Electra42
7Rawle MarshallCibona34
8Sani BečirovićLottomatica Roma38
9Immanuel McElroyAlba Berlin38
10Oğuz SavaşFenerbahçe Ülker41

Top 16[edit]

1Nikola PekovićPanathinaikos28
D'or FischerMaccabi Electra28
Lior Eliyahu (2)Maccabi Electra28
2Novica VeličkovićPartizan29
3Ersan İlyasovaFC Barcelona39
4Tiago SplitterTau Cerámica28
5Charles GainesMaccabi Electra33
Mike Hall (2)Armani Jeans Milano33
6Mike BatistePanathinaikos35


1Romain SatoMontepaschi Siena36
2Erazem LorbekCSKA Moscow33
3Ramūnas ŠiškauskasCSKA Moscow30
Matjaž SmodišCSKA Moscow30
4Terrell McIntyreMontepaschi Siena37
5Ersan İlyasova (2)FC Barcelona26

MVP of the Month[edit]

October 2008Ersan İlyasovaFC Barcelona
November 2008Sani BečirovićLottomatica Roma
December 2008Lior EliyahuMaccabi Electra
January 2009Igor RakočevićTau Cerámica
February 2009Novica VeličkovićPartizan
March 2009Erazem LorbekCSKA Moscow

Best Euroleague Basketball Players

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References and notes[edit]

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