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Download doom 3 weapons mod doom 2 wad weapon
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Jun 22, 2017  There's Hard Doom too, which Complex Doom riped-off completely. There's also Weapons of Saturn a fav of mine, Faspons, an enhanced WoS fork focusing on a more harder and faster gameplay, HXRTC Project, a custom WoS fork with plenty of enemies and weapons and a shoping drone.

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Description of DOOM II

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Did you love Doom? Then you’ll probably love Doom II, because it’s largely more of the same, just with a few tweaks, new enemies, new weapons, and some technical improvements.

Doom ended with Doomguy returning from Hell Mars to find that Earth had been overrun by demons and was being merged with Hell. It’s up to Doomguy to find where the invasion is coming from and put a final end to it.

The major noticeable changes are the inclusion of the double shotgun (yay!) and the removal of the overworld map on the intermission screen (boo!). Additionally, rather than being broken up episodically in the tradition of many shareware games, Doom II consists of 30 consecutive levels, though these are broken up thematically with story-text interludes.

Everything you could possibly like about Doom is there: true 3D environments with rich textures, varied-light environments (perfect for springing those jump-scare death traps), excellent dark and heavy bleep-bloop music, lots of guns, lots of monsters, pentagrams, and gore.

Doom II’s levels are not substantially larger than those in Doom, but the middle section of the game features an interesting level design experiment, using big, open levels with multiple buildings to simulate the cityscape that Doomguy is fighting his way across.

The actual gameplay remains more or less unchanged. Doomguy still can’t jump, nor can he look up and down. Given that Heretic would be released only a few months later, it would’ve been nice for look to be implemented, especially for the cityscape levels. Jumping wouldn’t be implemented in the Doom engine until Hexen; “momentum jumps” have to suffice.

One of the places where Doom II really shines is in its soundtrack. The dark and atmospheric tracks mixed in with the hard and heavy “metal” tracks really solidify the relationship between Industrial music and First Person Shooters which would reach its first zenith when Nine Inch Nails provided the soundtrack for Quake.

Like the original Doom, there is a vast surfeit of fan maps and mods (including total conversions, that gave us weird stuff like a Sonic the Hedgehog fangame made entirely in Doom!), which means the possibilities are virtually endless.

Review By P. Alexander

DOOM II has the following addons available: Master Levels for DOOM II, Hell to Pay and Perdition's Gate, don't miss them!

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Comments and reviews

LinktheAssassin2019-09-110 point

@Full on Rebel is my name
The reason it's not for download for free is because its no longer abandonware. The development of DOOM Eternal has nothing to do with whether Doom II should be free, just like how Black Ops 4 has nothing to do with whether COD1 should be free. The only reason there are free games on here is because they're hard to obtain legally since the developer abandoned them, hence the term abandonware. Since all of the Doom games are being sold on GOG, Steam, or some other platform, there is an easy way to obtain the games legally. It's not bologna, it's supporting the company that made the games, even if the original development team is no longer working at that company.

Rich2019-01-121 point DOS version

This appears to be Doom Demo not Doom2?

Full on REBel is my name2018-12-140 point

Let's start a revolution to make these games free again. If it's made in the 90s or even the early 2000s it should be free I shouldn't have to pay for doom 2 if doom eternal is on the way. I shouldn't have to pay for call of duty 1 if they made black ops 4. It's all bologna

KC2018-09-081 point DOS version

I downloaded Doom II and it work perfect with the exception of the sound. I have music, but no sound. That is, no gun fire, no monsters snarling, etc. just music. I am using a Mac and Boxer, and I went into Boxer and set up the sound using Soundblaster which almost always works. The sound works perfect in Doom I with the same settings. The game is not much fun without the sound.

D2018-09-050 point

Is this compatible with Brutal Doom?

shithead2018-08-311 point

it's better to use one of these source ports than dosbox. I recommend crispy doom.

mawthecringelord2018-07-050 point

WARNING-Do not use dosbox. You're much better off opening doom 2.wad in gzdoom

please read2018-06-270 point Mac version

for everyone who downloaded this for a NEWER version of mac is probably not gunna work to play this you need a version of mac either lower than 10.4 or the same so for people who are raging because they think this doom works just download Gzdoom and a doom 2 wad if after that look it up any way just thought this would help :P

Verchiel2018-05-223 points DOS version

Hah... I still remember the codes
God mode: IDDQD
Give all: IDKFA
Skip to level ##: IDCLEV##
No clipping (walk through walls): IDCLIP
there were a few other 'IDBEHOLD' codes... I think 'I' was invincibility

killmysulf2018-04-14-26 points


HellBlade642018-04-020 point

The sequel to the most legendary shooter of all time keeps all the guts and gore of the original while also adding much more in terms of level design. Now on Earth, you'll find yourself fighting through hellspawn from the deepest depths of sewers to the highest of towering cities. Only now it seems hell has some new toys to play with, but little do they know, so do you!
Too much?
Okay. Well... Doom II: Hell on Earth the direct continuation that picks up right where Doom left off. It your character (Doomguy) as he accepts the ungodly fact that hell's monsters have made it here before he could stop it. Six new monsters and one new weapon which became the most popular in the series next to the BFG9000. But what really sets Doom and Doom 2 apart from one another is the level design and story bits (the message screens).
Instead of the narrow halls of Phobos, Deimos and Hell, you now face of against hoards of the hellspawn in the cities, towns, suburbs, and facilities of Earth. So the design goes from being small and confining to large and foreboding. One might think this is counterproductive, but it actually works in the games favor. Instead of being in narrow halls where you can pretty easily guess when a monster will pop up, you're wondering through alleys and flooded halls where monsters can often be waiting to ambush you.

akram1822018-03-27-5 points Mac version

How do i install this on a mac? i don't know what to do with the files i downloaded. Please help

Jester2018-03-244 points

If you like games like Doom, you should look for the channel HoFPG on YouTube. very nice archive with many games of this kind

Apaul272018-03-23-1 point

There's a DOOM source port called ZDOOM.
Here's the link:

Rodrigo2018-03-102 points

There is a secret exit on level 15... from there, you will go to level 31.
On this level, another secret exit goes to level 32.

andre2018-02-27-2 points

dit was het eerste spel dat ik speelde op mijn Pentium 120. eerlijk gezegd vond ik het toen niet zo leuk omdat mijn videokaart geen 3d ondersteunde. ik heb een vraag: wie kan het spel nog mmeer niet installeren op de c schijf onder dosbox? toen ik het downloade zaten er geen bestanden onder de titel. Wie weet raad?
groeten andre

Brum2018-02-040 point

IDCLIP pass to the wall

COLOH2018-01-151 point DOS version

Cool game this is an classic and im just 11

Cheat3 Man32018-01-152 points

IDKFA is the cheat for all keys and weapons, IDDQD is God mode

Download Doom 3 Weapons Mod Doom 2 Wad

Random Guy2017-11-29-3 points

is that the weapon cheat?

Gili2017-11-18-6 points

I just ended Doom 2 (1994) played it online , and Level 30 was the final level , afterwards they congratulated me and showed all 15 monsters that played on the game . why this 31 level was never showed to me ? (the 30 level was the final one when i played).

KK2017-11-12-2 points

Pretty cool and works, I just wish the screen was bigger

Mats2017-11-121 point

Lovely game, spend a lot of time with it, now my son wants to play.

Doom player2017-10-21-8 points

i downloaded doom 2 just to kill nazis and not demons

old doomie2017-10-100 point

Anyone know of a good site to get some third party wad files to go with this?

yeetboye2017-09-282 points DOS version

You can run this on the DosBox emulator just by downloading DosBox and the Dos version of Doom. All you need to do is extract the downloaded zip folder containing Doom into a folder where you will store your games. Next all you need to do is open the folder, set the default program that runs the main executable file to DosBox, insert a shortcut of it to your desktop and then clicking the shortcut. Hope this helps!

rustyduch2321`2017-09-251 point

i like this games

paddfoot2017-08-231 point

ty sooo much for the download and ty random guy for the d fend method. worked like a charm ;)

I.M. MEEN2017-08-033 points

what is the difference between the Steam version and this version?

but face2017-07-252 points DOS version

did not work idk why fix this pls want to play this classic

Roshu2017-07-013 points

I love you myabandonware! Its just because of you that I can play a lot of cool games in my low end pc too.

QuakeBUG2017-06-210 point DOS version

A Great Game!

Shadman Shahreaz2017-06-101 point

old is gold

DarkACB2017-05-260 point Mac version

found my moms old power mac g4 from 1999 so i decided to hook it up and run doom 2 on it out of boredom. went on this site and got doom 2 to run on my mac. just get some old computer from your garage and play it on that if you have dosbox problems.

why tho2017-05-250 point DOS version

i cant play it why cant i

felixs2017-05-230 point

great game to install, watch this:

gertor112017-05-120 point DOS version

nice game

mggjjv2017-03-200 point

doom is a good old game

pirk2017-03-142 points DOS version

cannot get it to run in DOSbox... what command do i punch in

M2017-03-111 point DOS version

I am playing doom2 on windows 7 with Dosbox. Problem is no audio and no music. How to solve it?

ShalevBB2017-02-10-1 point

its a cool game...

gamelad5002017-01-260 point

i love DOOM!

X7 (Darkness701)2016-12-090 point

I have Doom 2 1.7a, if anyone wants it.

Baron of Rhythm2016-09-170 point


int_16h2016-07-290 point DOS version

For those having trouble with the music and sound, go to your Doom II folder and run setup.exe then select Sound Blaster (just Sound Blaster not Sound Blaster AWE32) as both your Music Sound Card and Sound FX Card.
Use the default numbers (just keep pressing the Enter key) and then select 'Save parameters and launch Doom II'.
Have fun!

adsf2016-07-23-1 point

Is this real?

33993342016-06-300 point

have you tried ZANDRONUM?

Alex2016-06-211 point

Game works great for me, EXCEPT for the sound+music. Anyone else have this problem or have any suggestions?

Andy2016-06-080 point DOS version

this is the best shooting game i have ever played!!!

Marco2016-06-051 point DOS version

Fui um jogador inveterado do Doom 1 e 2. Mais infelizmente na minha época eram em disquetes e eles acabam. Fico contente com esta forma de poder baixar o game. Obrigado

CheeseBurger2016-05-21-1 point

I absolutely love this game :3

cyberman300HUN2016-05-111 point DOS version

runs fine in dosbox

jonah from the jtj2016-04-220 point Mac version

why u no werk!111!111!1!???/?/(c)

jo2016-04-210 point

rell good game

pasdaslas2016-03-310 point

@blazer33 did u download the mac version?

Blazer332016-03-221 point Mac version

I can't for the love of me install ANY DOOM ON MY IBOOK G4!!!!

twinPRICKS2016-03-071 point

if you want to mod games then just do a google
search,i am sure something will come up, not sure if
you can actually create an enemy npc by scratch but I do
know doom/doom2 is one of the most moddable games out
there and there is a huge community out there if you go looking.

kissKIZZkiss2016-02-131 point

i want to be able to make my own enemy npc's for this game, does anyone know how I can be able to do this?

46YOvirginMALE2016-02-02-2 points

forget dosbox...forget dfend.....forget any type of silly Dos emulation
and go to and download that program.
now copy your doom WADS into that folder, = PROBLEM SOLVED, no
more hassles trying to play doom, doom2 or any of the thousands of mods.

SuperHappyFunTime2016-01-31-1 point

doom 2 is a pretty good game, brutal doom mod takes it to a whole new level and YES please do yourself a favor and get zandronum(it's free) or some program similar. have a superhappyfuntime day.

c++meNOunderstand2016-01-290 point

thanks longdadleg2k, I just downloaded zanderam
program and if you don't have doom you have option
to download freedoom what it is is a game that use the
doom game engine bit it not doom.
but I not am knowing how I can change my pc
graphics from softwere mode to opengl 3d-card mode?
I try to change in game and then exit program and restart
but it still in softwere mode??? please someone to help me?
sorry for bad English.

longDADDYlegy2k2016-01-292 points DOS version

way back in the day we had a friend who owned one of the early PENTIUM computers and most of us had 386 or 486 pc and some of us NO pc at all.
so all the guys would go to his place after school and take turns playing
DOOM2, to be honest I had no interest in this game at first, I just went to
his place to admire his sister's LOVELY backside, man she had a nice butt,
she had nice legs too..she would make some type of juice for us using fruits.
her bum would haunt my dreams many years after.
hey if you can't get this game to work with dosbock then
just download ZANDRONUM and place ur doom.wad/doom2.wad
in the folder and you can play in windows with no problem.
I hope this was helpful....peaceOUT~

IDIO MONTOYA2016-01-280 point

this an cool game too, its that wandering around hallways game and attacking anything hat gets in your way

doomdude2016-01-230 point

anyone know how I can play custom WADs? tried zdoom and gzdoom, no luck. can't get doom 95 to launch at all due to errors, so that's no help. any ideas?

doomer2016-01-230 point DOS version

Anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong? I can't get the game to run in DFend. I added the deice file and named the profile DOOM2, ran it and did the 'c' and 'y' thing, which created the DOOM2LZH file, which I then added and ran in DFend. Now how do I play the game? When I click on the DOOM2 profile, it just takes me back to the 'c' and 'y' thing and the game never loads. How do I get the game to run from here?

Doddo2016-01-100 point DOS version

Well, guys, this is a game you don't want to run on Windows 3.1 cause it freezes almost immediatly after the title screen.

wolfplayer2016-01-080 point

wow-wee !this is a great game too !!!

Dos Box Fan2016-01-011 point

Ok, if you want to run in DOSBox, there are several steps you have to make.
1. After downloading, run the 'deice' file and press 'c' then 'enter', then 'y'. That creates a new folder in your directory (It was 'Doom2' for me) with a DOOM2LZH file. (I copy and pasted it back into the main directory)
2. Run the DOOM2LZH file is DOSBox and it will install the rest of the files.
3. You can run the game, but I had no sound. I ran the 'SETUP' file in DOSBox and set:
a)'Select Music Card = General Midi = 330' Enter
b)'Select Sound FX Card = PC Speaker' Enter
4. Run DOOM2 in DOSBox and you should have sound. Enjoy!

Hamada abd elmalk2015-12-250 point

Although it is old but over the years I could not find better

KOSTAS2015-10-240 point

does anybody knows how t0o bring up the command console??

Pedro_Juan2015-10-18-1 point

its a classic but do anybody play it after theyve beat th game alreayds ,really? what about d3? i guess you all can go flood up all of the dead d3 comminitys thouh and resurrect the game,eh?do it work?nope!!

anonymous2015-10-16-1 point DOS version

how do i use this with brutal doom

jaydawg2015-09-090 point DOS version

this game bring back so much memorys

Darkness7012015-09-060 point

If you want to run it with better graphics then just download GZDooM from here:

MK---2015-08-083 points DOS version

There is no sound, help!

kaz2015-06-300 point DOS version

fun and addictive though i prefer doom 1 and final doom...

mas2015-05-202 points DOS version

A very good F.P.S.

deadops1012015-03-15-2 points DOS version

I played this with GZdoom, and my favorite wad, Invasion.uac.wad, still playing... help me...

nussi2015-02-21-3 points DOS version

Orangestar, The engine is open-sourced, the WAD files are still sold; so this is piracy or am I wrong?

anonymous2015-01-31-4 points DOS version

Or run it in Chocolate Doom or another source port (look it up) :)

khan2004z2015-01-29-5 points DOS version


rickel2015-01-19-6 points DOS version

I have a windows surface 8.1 , what should I set the sound to?

Ratz2014-12-21-4 points DOS version

I always much preferred Doom 2 to the original, this one is so much darker and atmospheric.

anonymous2014-12-07-3 points DOS version

There is a Wolf3d level?

TheOldSchoolGamingWolf2014-12-06-3 points DOS version

played this with the brutal mod, so brutal. 10/10

adamsgaming2014-11-20-4 points DOS version

my fav

MOO COW2014-11-18-2 points Mac version


admin2014-10-29-4 points DOS version

You're right @M_W, I added v1.9 ;)

M_W2014-10-28-3 points DOS version

Good upload, but includes game version 1.666. Newest is 1.9.

aprjnet2014-10-26-4 points DOS version

remember good times do play it with my friends with my us robotics 14.400 kbps! hehehehe

Anon2014-10-20-3 points DOS version

Thank you for all this!

postal dude2014-09-29-1 point Mac version

you guys are the best thanks for the upload :DD ZXD

Sunny2014-09-24-3 points DOS version

you know something! I just love this site!! I found every single of game here which i wanted. & finally i can say I found my childhood here .... love you admin!

LordGaben2014-09-21-3 points DOS version

Gaben Approved

Syphion2014-08-300 point DOS version

That is one of the best sites I have ever seen on the Internet. Thank you a lot.

hmmm2014-07-080 point DOS version

out of all the doom games (Doom 1, this one, and Final Doom - excluding Doom 3), i found Doom 2 to be the hardest...

Maths Kevin2014-06-280 point DOS version

Very good Doom 2

TheOlderGamePlay2014-06-180 point DOS version

7,50:I have playing this game when I was kid.

Hecky2014-06-080 point DOS version

i dont get it where is the wad all i see is the stuff not required to play doom 2 on zdoom or gzdoom or zandroum

YASER2014-05-190 point DOS version


memo2014-05-140 point DOS version


Andrew2014-05-140 point DOS version

THIS is sssssooooooooo COOL

afaq2014-05-110 point DOS version


larryk2014-05-11-1 point DOS version

Hope this games not for windows

Momy2014-05-100 point DOS version

This game is very good
Another type of this game is blood Oh! what a game blood
But doom 2 is amazing
I try to download the doom 3 but no.

Flameburst2014-05-060 point DOS version

What do you like to play?, Pokemon!, Pokemon!?

asif2014-05-060 point DOS version

well done

Goran Djonic2014-05-040 point DOS version


TheGuy2014-05-03-1 point DOS version

Windows 7 says it wont run in full screen mode and forces shut down, what do I do?

Venugopal2014-04-290 point DOS version

good game

Goofy2014-04-250 point DOS version

I just love this game with all my heart!

leo2014-04-210 point DOS version


DAN2014-04-180 point DOS version


zelka2014-04-160 point DOS version


khaledzahran2014-04-140 point DOS version


corvo2014-04-070 point DOS version

perfetto è il mio gioco preferito

asad2014-04-070 point DOS version

nice game

0692014-04-040 point DOS version


Sonu2014-04-010 point DOS version

I really like this game. And this game is Very intresting to play. Play such type of game but don't play Shabby, Mind it

ALEXANDER2014-03-30-1 point DOS version


tamer2014-03-300 point DOS version

nice game

sroo2014-03-300 point DOS version


tiger2014-03-290 point DOS version

good so nice thank you

Random2014-03-2617 points DOS version

Hey people, just stopped by to drop in some advice regarding installing and playing the game
I didn't download the game from this site but if the copy is perfect then you just need to follow a very simple step
1. Get D-Fend (Google it)
2. Install it
3. Get Doom II (I got it from here,
4. Now just drop the package into D-Fend
5. Keep accepting the default conditions and you're good to go (Remember, DO NOT CHANGE ANY SETTINGS JUST ACCEPT THE DEFAULTS WHILE INSTALLING THE GAME)
For those having problems with sound should try installing everything with the DEFAULT and that's it
For those having problems with fullscreen, either follow one of these methods
1. Just select options by right clicking the game while in D-Fend
2. Select graphics under the 'Hardware' tab
3. Now change the 'Renderer' from 'surface' or something like that to 'overlay'
1. Right click the game while in D-Fend
2. Then -- 'View DOSBox config file'
3. Look for output then change to this -- 'output=overlay'
If you still have problems then head to the DOSBox forums :)

sergejs Versinins2014-03-230 point DOS version

Description of DOOM II

sergejs Versinins2014-03-232 points DOS version


Jackrabbit2014-03-220 point DOS version

thanks, hope it works

Sivart2014-03-200 point DOS version

For some reason the doom2.wad is missing after it installs. Any pointers?

Download Doom 3 Weapons Mod Doom 2 Wad File

lakith2014-03-18-1 point DOS version

doom 2 old game im like game

gaamer2014-03-120 point DOS version

old but gold

nick2014-03-080 point DOS version


screamy2042014-03-080 point DOS version

hmm.... still downloading

MetalHead2014-03-070 point DOS version

Don't forget that if you don't have a very old PC, you will have to use an emulator to run. is very simple. I am sorry if you have to actually read the actual documentations.
If you do have a very old PC and it actually runs, congradulations!

John2014-03-051 point DOS version

Having trouble setting up the game because it says This system does not support fullscreen mode. We use Windows 7 64 bit. HELP !!

Some guy with a crap PC2014-03-01-1 point DOS version

Can somebody please explain me how to get the sound working,I sometimes get it working but the game lags and is unplayable.Also when I go to setup,It always randomises the keyboard controls in the window!Enter sometimes doesn't work or F10 or the arrows.I got the music going somehow but just can't get the sound to work.

Sonic123652014-02-270 point DOS version

ok im gona tell it to you straight, STOP COMPLAINING THAT THE GAME IS ON HERE! cant you people just appreciate that the game is on here for all of you -.- those who complain about it just shouldn't be here and shouldn't comment about it

WoodsMan2014-02-210 point DOS version

Dose this come with any of the WADs?

Kubelek2014-02-190 point DOS version

Classic... Playing on dial-up connection. With friends from BBS. In Poland. In 1996.

DOSBox2014-02-160 point DOS version

press Ctrl, Alt, Enter to get fullscreen

Dubi2014-02-160 point DOS version

it is very good

Mark Belain2014-02-150 point DOS version

It is incompatible with 64-bit systems.. :

assmaster2014-02-130 point DOS version

i dont get it to work in full screen mode

indstr2014-02-110 point DOS version

So many memories of playing modem-to-modem games of this with friends. Great stuff!

UltimateZAX (From Steam and Blockland)2014-02-080 point DOS version

Wont work...I need Help!

Sparda 162014-02-080 point DOS version

Best childhood memories all in one game, definitely a must have, such a good game back in the day

cu nhoc2014-02-080 point DOS version

very good

tinu2014-02-010 point DOS version

la la la

anon2014-01-310 point DOS version


deadops1012014-01-301 point DOS version

does anyone know how to bring up the console command in game?

cameron1232014-01-260 point DOS version

good game

SonicParadox2014-01-180 point DOS version

Level 30 ICON OF SIN John Remero the boss on the final level was a gaint horned demon skull head and listion I WILL LIE IN BREAKS OF THE END OF THE AMBUSH rewand TO WIN THE GAME YOU MUST KILL ME JOHN REMREO TURN ON NO CLIP WALK THROUG THE WALL Behind the head and walla John Remreo head on a pike

CCH8802014-01-140 point DOS version

Just as I remembered it. Still remember the cheats too... IDDQD and IDCLIP.
Thanks for putting games like this online!

wheelie2014-01-140 point DOS version


haeres2014-01-020 point DOS version


darko2013-12-310 point DOS version

top game

SDF2013-12-240 point DOS version


Eli-5dce2013-12-200 point DOS version


kwanykka2013-12-160 point DOS version

gr8 game

marc2013-12-151 point DOS version

does someone know what is the proper SETUP for sound, music and FX effects ?

jc2013-12-031 point DOS version

sin lugar a dudas un clasico y de los mejores

eddy2013-11-270 point DOS version

un classico

aca2013-11-220 point DOS version


apo1122112013-11-190 point DOS version


nerd 111012013-11-110 point DOS version


Rickyjpen2013-11-090 point DOS version

Hey for some reason Doom 1 worked for me but I could not download Doom 2 :(

non2013-11-06-1 point DOS version


adi2013-11-040 point DOS version

i've played in my weekend, all day long, its so wonderfull, thank's for this.

FAT SARGE (.45)2013-10-24-1 point DOS version


jazzy2013-10-230 point DOS version

that so horror game wooooooooooooooooooooooo but easy and funny

the whisperer2013-10-18-1 point DOS version

i wonder when brutal doom v19 comes out!

yaya2013-10-110 point DOS version

thank you
I love it

DoomGuy2013-10-110 point DOS version

i love this game ,thanks for heling me

joão vitor2013-09-290 point DOS version

esse jogos do doom e muito legais eu gosto muitos desses jogos do doom, eu vou baixar todos o jogos do doom pra mim.Jogar eu vou, zera todos

M.Nimi2013-09-270 point DOS version

I Like this game

ProgramGuruCpp2013-09-260 point DOS version

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, id software released a sequel to one of the greatest games of all time. Doom 2 is even better than the original: more enemies, more variety of environments, bigger levels and larger areas, and--to top it all off--Doom 2 adds a badass Super Shotgun to your arsenal of already awesome weapons.

New school gamer2013-09-250 point DOS version

:D The game that i played on my chilhood

the3rdtigerx2013-09-240 point DOS version

i love this game ,thanks for heling me

wieloch2013-09-221 point DOS version

i have problem with mouse - i can't play with it.
any solution?

GTXonRaiL2013-09-190 point DOS version

something thats balls is this gaame cant run on anything above windows XP but at least the gmod addon nthat needs this works.

Sanky2013-09-090 point DOS version


Old school gamer2013-09-080 point DOS version

Another option would be if you have a 64-bit OS, you can install a program like Virtual Box and install a lower windows like Win xp into a virtual and install it to the Virtual XP and it runs as normal...

Leomancer2013-09-030 point DOS version

Lol download wars now secret at Zdoom on me. this is produce in 302. Sorry this code is _2 heheh more advance liquid thanks.

Hans2013-08-310 point DOS version

Try to play with dosbox or zDoom

GuyMan2013-08-310 point DOS version

16-Bit Doom II won't run on 64-Bit Alienware. Help?

Seiryu2013-08-250 point DOS version

Give a man a bullet and he'll want a gun. Give a man a gun and he'll be giving away the bullets. -S.Sam

Generals2013-08-180 point DOS version

Anyone knows how to get to gangsta grosse?? 《Wolfenstien secret boss》

Jerkins2013-08-150 point DOS version

The simplest and quickest way to run this game is to download GZDoom, and drag and drop the .wad file over the GZDoom icon.

Generals2013-08-130 point DOS version

I love doom, if someone need to run this, go to
And select the green one, then drag a game dos game to dosbox

Nightmare2013-08-100 point DOS version

Watch and learn type Noclip (From Map 30) and go around the Boss Brain and what see to his face?

rod2013-08-090 point DOS version

Try DosBox to get the old games to play with the original game engine.

Pete g2013-08-081 point DOS version

How do I get these 16 bit games to play on my 64 bit version of windows?

Saky2013-08-020 point DOS version

Haven't played this game for a looong time...i'm so gonna enjoy this =D

paty2013-08-010 point DOS version

no me deja jugarlo k pasooo

phobos2013-07-190 point DOS version

Nice !! ty

jonh2013-07-17-1 point DOS version

i like this game

DrunkenBastard2013-07-150 point DOS version

Thank you.

Swaginator2013-07-140 point DOS version

So So Nostalgic

aulgrunfan502013-07-12-1 point DOS version

i download doom 2 and brutal doom and i was so exieting!!!

aavd582013-06-270 point DOS version

dank u wel het is de beste van al

ahmed sabry2013-06-260 point DOS version

thanks for the beloved game

DAVID THE ZDOOM WARS2013-06-26-1 point DOS version


Sean2013-06-210 point DOS version

Yes, this game isn't abandonware per se, but the version still being sold today is the version that has always been sold: the full retail version. What you get here is something you could always have gotten for free anyway. It's the shareware demo. All that's in it is the first episode.

Napalmxxx22013-06-190 point DOS version

I remember this from my childhood, my very first FPS and it was a blast then, its a blast now, yay retro games.

penis2013-06-110 point DOS version

my favorite fps

Tforsaken2013-06-100 point DOS version

sorry to say but the new remade doom 3 and doom and doom 2 on it

DooM2013-06-030 point DOS version

I love this game. So glad it's here! Best classic ever.

natefun2013-06-010 point DOS version

Cant get this to run in D-Fend

FistMarine2013-05-250 point DOS version

lol, that's pirated version 1.666 that I also had on one of those pirated CDs called PC Mania '96. Good times. So unfortunately, you cannot patch your version to 1.9 because the patches refuse to do so by detecting pirated game.

Maself2013-05-200 point DOS version

10/10! Additional 5 stars for Id Software who made these games so great!

ToBeAdvised2013-05-200 point DOS version

I love all these old games. 9/10. Freakin' ace.

STEVE2013-05-150 point DOS version

totally awesome

Husky2013-05-110 point DOS version

I will return to my childhood to finish what I started... I WILL COMPLETE EVERY CAMPAIGN ON NIGHTMARE DIFFICULTY

Fegelein2013-05-070 point DOS version

I did not enjoy this.

9on102013-04-150 point DOS version

Fully good but boring

baba2013-04-120 point DOS version

Love this........

Irado882013-04-100 point DOS version

DOOM Time :D

watto2013-04-090 point DOS version

ive played 1,2 and 3 alot

DeathFromAbove2013-04-070 point DOS version

This game became boring very quickly.

GUYasis2013-04-030 point DOS version

Can Doom II run LAN games?

jogador2013-04-030 point DOS version

embora antigo, é um bom jogo.

gorge2013-03-110 point DOS version

i have won this game 5 times

magdy20002013-03-110 point DOS version

i love this agame

Nicole2013-03-03-2 points DOS version

Leitbild, it's not a prequel if it was made first, it's a predecessor, just saying.
Also, it added the Combat Shotgun, so it's fine with me.

persian hero2013-03-020 point DOS version

my nostalgia of teenager times

Leitbild2013-02-13-1 point DOS version

Yeah, here's it... The too much overrated sequel of the greatest 3D shooter classic of all times! :D
For further explain, please watch my brief review for Doom.
I have no intention to waste more time for this one again...
Playing it back then was wasted time enough... :/
Better play the prequel!!!

Ferrro2013-02-050 point DOS version

Thanks for sharing!!!

jgshaw2013-02-020 point DOS version

its the best game of all time i just got bfg

Rusty Shackleford2013-02-010 point DOS version

I don't have any sound. How do I make it work?

hamada2013-01-280 point DOS version

thank you man

igooddriver2013-01-270 point DOS version

how do we enter the cheats??

Luther Manhole2012-12-140 point DOS version

Lags when I have sound enabled. Otherwise, great game.

Miss N2012-12-030 point DOS version

Feeling powerful :)

Axl2012-11-170 point DOS version

Awsome ! but for some reason i get lagg when i activate sound o.O

lol play it2012-11-150 point DOS version


bojcica2012-11-140 point DOS version

-.Sve u redu,Quake i quake 2 nije rade.

otmus plame2012-11-140 point DOS version

o melhos dos jogos de terro

mersad2012-10-050 point DOS version

THANK you so so so much. it was the best my old game

Jakalla2012-10-020 point DOS version

Thanks so Mich I king love tis game xx

yas2012-09-300 point DOS version

you ave to extract all files to run it

guy2012-09-230 point DOS version

i can't get it to work in dos i keep trying
what should i do

deathwatch2012-09-080 point DOS version

Tried Google Chomre and Internet Explorer both just sat and tried to load without ever downloading something.

the joker2012-08-290 point DOS version

i was looking for a good download url for ages and this is the one i found.

doomfan1012012-08-180 point DOS version

I liked DOOM 2 ,i remember buying it when it was released.Thanks for bringing it back!

the nerd2012-04-150 point DOS version

this game is great it was one of the first games i played

Cheryl R. Lovett2011-12-080 point DOS version

This is the game that got me interested in playing all these DOS games, I literally spent days trying to get my disc to run before I realized I needed an emulator. This game is pure genius.

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