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  1. Fastest online notepad on the planet. Take notes online, publish them as web pages, transfer to your other devices, share, discover more features.
  2. Take down all those annoying yellow reminder papers off your office wall and keep them neatly organized on your computer desktop. Simple Sticky Notes lives up to its title by providing a simple.

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Take Notes - Polish Translation

Download Take Note 1.0.1. You won't forget anything with these pop-up reminders. Take Note is a simple tool that lets you program as many notifications as you want so you never forget anything. The way you do this is very easy: set an exact time for the notification, then select whether you want it to.

Take Note 1.0 Download
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SpanishTake Notes Spanish Translation
TurkishTake Notes - Journal of the Dragonborn Turkish Translation
PolishTake Notes - Polish Translation

Take Note 1.0 Download Pc

  • Version 1.32

    • --- save-game corruption fix ---
      Fixed a serious problem, where journal entries of more than 4096 characters would toast your save-game. 1.32 fixes this by limiting the size of each journal entry to 4000 characters.
  • Version 1.31

    • ~ fixed a minor issue that could lead to the journal not opening or settings not being applied to the journal correctly
  • Version 1.5

    • ~ full support of SKSE localization system
      ~ use of vanilla skyrim fonts, so all characters are supported
      ~ added a chapters feature
      ~ fixed some minor bugs
  • Version 1.4

    • ~ Mouse support for the menu
      ~ Book theme
      ~ Entry headers(dates) can now be changed
      ~ Font selection (e.g. handwritten) in MCM
      ~ Support for SKSE localization system
  • Version 1.3

    • ~ Customizable Controls
      ~ Fixed problem, where position changed after entering mcm menu
      ~ Raised entry limit to 612
      ~ Hotkey no longer fires in “rename enchanted items” menu ??
      ~ Fixed problems with text export and save/load settings
      ~ Removed takenotes.dll (which was a relict of v 1.0)