Ford 460 Engine Serial Number Location

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All 429/460 Fords are internally balanced engines except for the D9TE 460, which has an externally balanced rotating assembly (1979 & up 460's are externally balanced). These block identifying marks (C9VE, D1VE, etc.) are not actual casting numbers but are engineering revisions that are cast into the block castings themselves.

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On the Ford it is 3215469870. on the windsor it is 215698743

  • NOTE: All numbers and specifications are as reported in the 1973-1979 Ford Car Master Parts Catalog. All engines for 1973-1979 include an identification tag. This tag describes the C.I.D., model year, year and month of production, change level number and engine calibration information.
  • Mar 10, 2011  Big Block V8 - 385 Series (6.1/370, 7.0/429, 7.5/460) - identifying my 460 engine - I could use some advice on figuring out the exact model 460 engine in my truck. It was put into my 82 f250 several years before I purchased it. I am fairly new to this and could use advice. Is there a listing on line that shows how to.

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