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Posted by4 months ago

I can only imagine there being many players who have no idea how the game should be played and is either stuck in Rookie or gets promoted to Amateur but then sent back down to Rookie because financial problems. So no worries i'm here to help you.

5 key things in Rookie is to: Monster truck scooby doo driver.

1.) Save money!

After the season is over you need to have at least +30 million when you get in to Amateur or you're in BIG financial trouble. Money is by far the most important thing is this game and if you don't have any of it you cannot have good success in this game.


2.) Only update your car to better when your car part is worn 70% or more.

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Also don't update your engine or gearbox more than level 5. You can then update your car power by testing, but DO not do that in Rookie. Save that for Amateur. Testing will worn your car parts more and you don't want to do in Rookie. In Amateur you get lot more money.

3.) Choose your driver wisely.

It doesn't have to be good driver, it needs to be the right driver. 4 most important skills in Rookie group is Con, Talent, Stamina & Weight. You wanna have Con & Talent both over 100, Stamina at least +30 and Weight no more than 75 kg. Fat slows your car down and stamina determines your race pace. Experience has really no effect in Rookie, it comes in bigger factor later. Also do not pay your driver more than 650k per race. If he asks for like 1mil per race just forget about him and find a new one. If you wonder why read part 1 again.

4.) DO not use Testing!

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I've seen multiple people using testing in Rookie. Sure it will make your car better but it will worn your car parts more and it means you have to update your car more often and that means it costs more for you & in the end you're in big financial trouble. So don't do that in Rookie, you can do that in Amateur.

5.) Remember part 1 & 3.

I cannot say this more. Money is the life and success in this game. So don't go out spending it like 4 year old kid in a candy store. Part 3 is important because right driver will get you in the Amateur, not the best car. Car level in Rookie really doesn't have big impact. You can get promoted with lvl 1 car if you want, you're just updating that so you don't fell behind when you get to Amateur. So keep it in mind you're updating your car for Amateur, not for winning the Rookie group. If you get driver with 100 Con & Talent, +30 Stamina & who weights less than 75kg it should be fantastic driver for Rookie.

If you have something more to ask feel free. And happy new season for everyone :)!