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For SysTools PST Merge 2.4 Publisher's description. SysTools PST Merge is a Powerful PST Merging software helps you to Merge unlimited PST files created using MS Outlook (97, 98, 2000, 2003, 2007) to one single Outlook PST file. Software can also Merge (Inbox, Sent Items, Drafts, Deleted Items, Outbox, Deleted Items) & email properties (to, cc, bcc.

With Stellar Merge Mailbox for Outlook software, you can easily merge or join multiple Outlook PST files into a single file as it is a Do-it-yourself tool with user-friendly interface. It is featured with highly beneficial features that help you to merge or join all data items such as Emails, Contacts, Notes, Calendars, Tasks, and Journals without altering the data of the original PST files.

  • Merges and joins multiple Outlook PST files

  • Upholds the integrity of the original PST files
  • Eliminates duplicate data while merging
  • Removes deleted and junk folders
  • Supports password-protected Outlook PST files
  • Provides several saving options for New and existing PST, Outlook Profile, Office 365, and Exchange Server
  • Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 , Vista , Windows Server 8, and Windows Server 12

*Demo Version Shows Mail Body and Attachments of Merged or Joined PST File in preview.

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Merge multiple PST files into a single one by turning to this handy application. Read More


It is a comprehensive software that merges or joins several PST files into one without changing the hierarchy of the original PST files. Read More

This dedicated software is a perfect solution that combines multiple PST Files into a single file within a fraction of seconds. Read More


The utility also offers multiple file saving options. Read More

Key Features:

Merges or Joins Multiple PST Files to One

Devised to merge multiple PST files into one, the merge Outlook PST file software easily merges or joins multiple MS Outlook PST files once it gets executed. As a user, you simply need to follow the correct way to accomplish the process of merge and join and perform one or both of the processes as per your wish or need.

Merge Specific or All Folders

This Merge PST files tool has a feature that enables you to merge only a particular data of the PST files. It can merge Outlook Contacts, Calendars, or any other folder from the specified PST files without the need to merge the entire folder of the Outlook data files. With this feature, you can save time by avoiding merging or joining the unwanted folders.

Unlimited File Size

To merge PST files Outlook, the Merge PST software does not define any restriction on the size of the PST files to be merged or joined. Thus, you can merge or join the Outlook PST files of any size, small or large, with this Stellar Merge Mailbox for Outlook software.

Preserves Data Integrity of PST Files

This merge PST file tool maintains the data integrity of the original PST files without building any deviations in the original content or structure of the Outlook PST files. This feature applies to both merging and joining of Outlook PST files. Thus, you need not worry about the deformation of the original data files of Outlook.

Merge Password Protected PST Files

The utility is capable of merging both unprotected and password-protected PST files of Outlook email client. In the latter situation, however, users need to know and key in the correct password for successfully merging the PST files of the Outlook email client.

Removes Duplicate Emails

The merge PST files software has the Remove Duplicate feature to remove duplicate emails based on Subject, Sender Email, and Text while merging two or more PST files into one. It provides 100% assurance for duplicate free items. These Remove Duplicate options are enabled by default in the software for your convenience and can get disabled by unchecking the options.

Additional Advantages

Pst Merge Keygen

Excludes Deleted and Junk Folder

The merge PST files software removes the deleted and junk folder from the new PST file and hence excludes the deleted and junk data during merging or joining. This is a highly beneficial feature as, in most of the cases, the deleted and junk data are of no use. You can enable it by clicking the Exclude Deleted Folder and Exclude Junk Folder check boxes.

Quick PST Merging or Joining

Devised with advanced technology to merge Outlook PST files, the utility can complete the PST merge and join process quickly in a short time. This feature helps users in accomplishing the process of merging or joining the Outlook PST files at a considerably high speeds.

Multiple Saving Options

The software offers several options to save the merged or joined PST files. The varied saving options provided are Outlook profile, Office 365, Exchange Server, and new or existing PST files. Thus, depending on your requirement, you can opt for any of the options and save the PST file that you either merged or joined in one.

User-Friendly Interface

The Graphical User Interface of the software is quite easy to understand, thus making it a user-friendly utility to merge or join PST files. Both novice and professional users can use it to merge or join Outlook PST files into a single file without fail.

Pst Merge Keygen Download

Generates Log Report Having Process Details

The merge Outlook PST software generates a log report containing details of the PST merge process. Users can save the generated log report to analyze the merging process of the PST files through this tool any time later.

Support and Compatibility

The merge Outlook file software, Stellar Merge Mailbox for Outlook supports various versions of the MS Outlook email client as it can join or merge PST files Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007. It is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, and Windows 7, and thus can be installed, registered, and run on any of these versions of the Windows operating system.

Pst Merge Keygen

Try Merge PST Files Software to Merge Multiple Outlook Mailboxes to One

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*Demo Version Shows Mail Body and Attachments of Merged or Joined PST File in preview.

Software Specifications

Operating SystemWindows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista , XP & Windows Sever 2012, 2008

Pst Merge Keygen Pdf

Hard Disk50 MB of Free Space

Free Pst Merge

Single User LicenseCan use only on a single system

Technician LicenseCan use the software on multiple systems at single location


Yes. Stellar Merge Mailbox for Outlook software provides you with the option to merge specific folders of multiple PST files that include the Contacts folder. It can also merge other folders such as Emails, Calendars, Journals, To-Do, and Tasks, without having the necessity to merge all folders of the PST files.

When you join multiple PST files, multiple folder hierarchies of each PST file gets created within a single PST file. On the other hand, when you merge multiple PST files, contents of the respective folders such as Emails, Tasks, Contacts, Calendars, Journals, and To-Do in all the PST files gets saved in one PST file, and hence gets merged.

Yes. You can merge the archive files of MS Outlook into a single PST file with this software.

Yes. It supports different Outlook profiles for merging PST files into one.

No. The merge PST software cannot merge damaged or corrupt PST files. You need to ensure that the PST files that are in a healthy state. If you wish to merge the damaged PST files, you should first repair them by using Stellar Repair for Outlooksoftware.

No. It is not possible to join PST files without installing MS Outlook program on your system.

Yes. You can merge or join multiple Outlook PST files into one.

The time for merge/join process depends upon the size of PST file. If process is running, you have to wait for process to complete.

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Stellar Merge Mailbox for Outlook

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From SysTools:
SysTools PST merge is advance utility and well equipped with multi features which help in merging two PST files together in single large PST file. It has always been easier for the users to manage single PST file than working with multiple PST files saved at different locations on your machine. PST merge tool makes it possible for you combine entire PST files together into single PST of UNICODE type keeping the folder structure intact. The significance of using the PST Merge software to combine multiple Outlook PST files into one. The software merges entire Outlook mailbox like emails, contacts, calendar, task into multiple smaller parts. The software provides three option to Merge PST file. Join: Allow you to join multiple PST Files. Merge: Allow you to merge similar folder. Merge Contacts: Allows you to merge Outlook contacts. The software allows removing the duplicate items from Outlook PST files. You only need to enable 'check /uncheck the option of remove Duplicates'. It Provides Include / Exclude Deleted Items option by which if you do not want to merge deleted items folders then check the option to 'Exclude deleted item folder'. Combine Outlook file software save resultant merged PST files into separate PST files. PST merge utility supports all versions of MS Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 (32 bit and 64 bit). It Generates a comparison report to check the merged files. While merging the multiple PST files, the software ensures not to make any changes to the original PST files and keep them as it is. The tool even allow to split large size merged PST file into smaller chunks. Download the demo version to know how to sync Outlook data files to single file. Its Demo version allows you to merge the initial three PST files from MS Outlook. If you are fully satisfied with the performance of PST Merge software then you can purchase full version at $69.

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