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Dec 22, 2018  Earths Forbidden Secrets Part 2 on The Book of Light Should be a good read when it comes out Earths Forbidden Secrets has 67 ratings and 10 reviews. My favorite part was Chapter 2, where the author provided lots of different pictures of many different. Earths Forbidden Secrets - Part One Free PDF E-Book by Maxwell Igan - Download on Link: http.

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a really interesting book, a must read i would say, it opens one's eyes to a lot of facts that we were never told and it make you see the world in a different view. the main idea of the book is that there existed much more advance civilizations than ours in the past and it gives you proofs of that. i highly recommend reading this book, if not all of it, at least chapter 2 where it's filled with facts and pictures to prove them
have it on my Android. Very interesting...
once i open up chapter two, i cannot stop myself digging more for evidences . everything in this book are mysteriously fascinating!
I read this book with mixed feelings. I was fascinated by many mysteries our planet hides since I was a child so when I found this book I was excited.
Author tried to gather mysterious facts from different time periods, from Piri Reis map to megalithic buildings.
However when you read further and further this book author gets crazy with his theories and his interpretation of Enuma Elish and 'proof' that we humans were created by some aliens via genetic modification is questionable at best.
New edited edition out!
My favorite part so far. Page 92.
'Academia decrees that only people with degrees and doctorates are permitted to practice
science and they have two very important and quite simple filters in place to ensure that
independent research is suppressed: One, credentials and two, peer review. Because no matter
what your evidence or theories are, nothing gets past peer review. But you cannot receive peer
review without first having credential
Jun 29, 2016Andrew Runkle rated it really liked it
This was a super interesting/thought provoking book. It reminds me of the stories described in Uncharted games or the Indiana Jones movies. Lots of unanswered questions prevail after reading this book. My favorite part was Chapter 2, where the author provided lots of different pictures of many different objects that have been discovered around the world with theories and backstories of each. Quite a fun read.
The book is not written to teach you anything it is merely a book writen to inform the reader of certain aspects of this world that may have been over looked when history was written. It challenges the reader to look deeper into the truth and to determine facts by scientific reasoning and not by propaganda.
very interesting book, eye opening unobjective look at the past from a different perspective without demanding the reader accepts what the author says just considers there are other possible explanations, worth reading
very Interesting. lots of crazy Shit in it. made me start researching Shit iv never even known about. and changed my views on a lot of things. I would like to have a sit down with the author and talk about some of the remarkable Shit he had to say in this book.
Haven't finished it yet. Downloaded it from Google Playstore.
John Schaeffer rated it it was amazing
Aug 09, 2014
Nguyen Tram nguyen rated it it was amazing
May 25, 2015
Rhiannon H Morris rated it really liked it
Sep 27, 2013
Daljinder Sidhu rated it really liked it
Dec 20, 2015
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“When the first atomic bomb exploded in New Mexico, the desert sand turned to fused green glass. This fact, according to the magazine Free World, has given certain archaeologists a turn. They have been digging in the ancient Euphrates Valley and have uncovered a layer of agrarian culture 8,000 years old, and a layer of herdsman culture much older, and a still older caveman culture. Recently, they reached another layer, a layer of fused green glass” — 1 likes
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Earths Forbidden Secrets Part Two Pdf Free

Edwin rated it it was amazing Feb 21, The discs and the cave drawings have both been dated at around 12, years old. Mar 03, Dave rated it really liked it. What if our history did not actually run as has so far been believed? Both these dating techniques are subject to variation depending on past events that may have occurred at the sites being dated and this will be discussed later but for now, consider some of these enigmas:
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However when you read further and further this book author gets crazy with his theories and his interpretation of Enuma Elish and 'proof' that we humans were created by some aliens via genetic modification is questionable at best. Lets be realistic about it, criminals are charged with conspiracy regularly, in fact two persons with criminal records need only converse with each other to be charged with conspiracy.

These retaining walls contain twenty-seven limestone blocks, larger in size than those that can be found anywhere else in the world. Want to Read saving…. The Complex is in fact, so remarkable, that an entire chapter is dedicated to it later secres this work. But there is also a rather intriguing story secrtes surrounds these enigmatic carved stones.

How could ancient Jewelry bear evidence of electroplating? I tried google but the only thing I found mostly was video's. At first the farmer had only a few bags of carved stones but then later returned with literally thousands of the artifacts and for some time made a comfortable living for himself selling the stones to tourists at a market stall. Undoubtedly one of the most intriguing of these fields erths surely be the study of 'Ooparts' or 'Out-Of-Place- Artifacts' though often the study of these Ooparts can present a good deal more questions than it can answers.

In fact I will quite happily donate the entire proceeds from the sale of this warths to anyone who can move this stone from the quarry to the Baalbeck Temple podium.

That is how peer review works. The artifact a champion spark plug Fig. No traces of any ancient road can be found between the quarry and the Temple which also raises questions on how the enormous ton quarried monoliths secrdts ever even transported to the site. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web.

Earths Forbidden Secrets Part 2, Max Ignar

The question is why? The code appears to speak of or predict all major world events past, present and future and simply has no right being there unless someone put it there purposely, and that someone must either have been a time traveler who knew of all the events that would ever befall the world, or lived for literally thousands of years, or possibly even something else, some intelligence vastly more significant.

Let's face it, it has always been easy to sell Doomsday; it has been done ever since man has lived within organized communities and there is always someone who is willing to listen. The question was posed by scholar Zechariah Sitchin in this manner: And as you will see, the evidence that our entire history is wrong is indeed farths vast and comes in a great variety of forms.

This also completely negates any possibility of the item being a hoax. And there are also tantalizing hints of a long forgotten method to decipher these earthly and celestial signs, if we could but find a way to read and understand them. Such a task is still well beyond any of our current transportation capabilities. Please white-list or disable AboveTopSecret.

I would like to have a sit down with the author and talk about some of the remarkable Shit he had to say in this book. This means that whoever fired the fatal bullet must have done it thousands of years ago. How could ayear fossil encrusted geode contain a spark plug within it?

There also is real evidence to suggest that the people of Earths ancient past possessed some very detailed information concerning these events. He was beheaded by the Turkish Court in or for reasons now unknown. Radiograph and X-ray examination revealed the existence of a differential turntable comprising of over 30 interlocking geared cogs set at various different planes fixed within the device testifying to an extremely high degree of craftsmanship and a clockmakers attention to detail.

The lines have been made by simply removing the hard rocky surface of the plain and exposing the lighter soil beneath. The Egyptian Pyramid In any list of eartths and unusual artifacts one of the first things that comes to mind is, of course, the Great Pyramid in Egypt.

Earths Forbidden Secrets: Maxwell Igan: Books

The strange thing though, is that it came from about darths feet below the surface and was deeply embedded inside the rock. The king was in fact no more than a naked fool surrounded by bigger fools who had all been controlled by their own egos. It started nice, and then The Trillithon in the retaining walls are three of the four largest stone blocks ever hewn.

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