Can You Take The Drivers Test In The Rain

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  1. Can You Take A Drivers Test In The Rain In Texas
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Can You Take A Drivers Test In The Rain In Texas

For most drivers, driving in the rain may not seem like the most pressing safety concern. But according to the United States Department of Transportation, wet pavement contributes to nearly 950,000 automobile crashes each year.From the above statistics, it is clear that driving in the rain can considerably increase the risk of a dangerous situation for you, your family and other road users. You should be taking your driving test AT the DMV, from a DMV examiner. He will record your score on the DMV computer record data base. This would be for the written or road test.

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Can You Take The Drivers Test In The Rain

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Hi, everyone. My driving test is this week and it could very well be raining on the day I take it (The test is in California by the way). I am very worried because I have never practiced driving in the rain before. There is a possible rainy day before my driving test day so I am hoping to practice then. However, since I have never driven in the rain before, I could really use a few tips. I know I am supposed to turn on my low beam lights and my windshield wipers before exiting the parking lot (if it's pouring, correct?). I just want to know if there are other things I need to do before I even start driving. Maybe turning on the defroster? Or do I do that when the windows start fogging up? Also, if it is pouring, should I turn on the windshield wipers for the front and rear windows, or do I just need the windshield wipers for the front window and when I get to the backing up near the curb part, I should turn on the windshield wipers for the rear window? Other things I know are that I should be going a little slower than usual and keeping a larger following distance between my car and the car in front of me so I have enough time to break.

Edit: By the way, I cannot reschedule my test day because my permit will be expiring this week and there is no other available test day before the expiration date.

Edit: Thanks so much everyone for your responses so far! They are very helpful. :)

Update: I passed!!! Only had 3 minors (which I reminded myself not to make before the test, but did anyway). You would not believe the weather.. not only was there heavy rain but it was HAILING as well. My examiner was very kind and understanding so I was not very nervous. I just drove how I normally would but with more caution. Thanks again for all of your advice!! They were very helpful!